Hurricane Ike

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Public Safety Communication Feeds




Amateur Radio Feeds

  • - High Frequency Single Sideband (HF-SSB) Hurricane Watch Net Stream. (Subject to propagation and signal-strength variables.) Stream will only be active when reception quality is usable AND the "net" is active and not covered by noise or Foreign Broadcast Interference at night. NOTICE: We will only be streaming Hurricane HF-SSB when aware the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) is activated.

(Maritime Mobile Service Network) The Hurricane Watch Net Live streaming audios: The Hurricane Watch Net provides communications to and from the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida during times of hurricane emergencies. The net (a gathering of amateur radio operators missioned to support the National Hurricane Center) convenes as an organized network of emergency communicators on the frequency of 14.325 Mhz when a hurricane is forecast to be within 300 statute miles from landfall on any inhabited land mass in the Caribbean Sea, Central America, and U.S. Mainland including the Gulf of Mexico coastal areas.

  • - supports the VoIP SKYWARN and Hurricane Nets which we operate by combining both the Echolink and IRLP linked repeater networks
  • - Click Listen Live -> Ham Radio -> VOIPWXNET to listen. Relaying the Stream via KC4QLP Echolink

VHF/UHF Frequencies and Trunked Talkgroups


  • Houston/Harris County area
    • Texas Bigfoot Communications (Downtown Houston #1) TRS - some kind of escort with units IDing as "Green x" (possible AMR ambulance)
    • Houston area media - TV helicopters and traffic reports
    • HPD Citywide, 460.4250 [123.0] - HPD evacuation commandpost
    • V-TAC 1, 151.1375 [156.7] - unknown use near downtown Houston
    • City of Houston trunked system - Talkgroup 35728 - HFD water rescue; Talkgroup 37840 - PODs Command
    • 47.4200 - Red Cross
    • 444.3000 [100.0] - VOIP WX NET (Harris Co.)
    • 444.5250 - VOIP WX NET (Fort Bend Co.)
    • 443.8250, 103.5 PL - Skywarn
    • Possible FEMA, Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) and/or National Disaster Medical System (NDMS)
      • 407.5250 P25 encrypted
      • 408.8625 P25 encrypted
      • 409.3375 P25 encrypted
      • 409.8625 P25 encrypted
      • 410.2625 P25 encrypted
      • 410.6625 P25 encrypted
      • 415.4625 P25 encrypted
  • San Antonio Communications Plan

San Antonio / Bexar County EDACS System

8-A Evacuation Reception and Staging at the Port of SA
8-B Open Channel
8-C Citywide Shelter Operations
8-D Open Channel
8-E Warehouse Operations
8-F Open Channel
8-G Regional Medical Operations
8-H EMS Operations and Staging
8-I Patch to TXMED-1 (155.340)
8-J Technical Support
8-K ARCC Communications

7-A Patch to TXLAW-3 (154.950) for DPS
7-B Patch to LCRA (Austin SA Link)
7-C Patch to V-TAC-1 for DPS San Antonio
7-D Patch to V-TAC-2 for Wilson County
7-E Patch to V-TAC-3 for Guadalupe County
7-F Patch to V-TAC-4 for Comal County
7-G Patch to TX AIR-2

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