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Icom PCR100
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This page lists links, related pages and software support for the Icom PCR100 receiver.

General Specifications

  • 10kHz-824MHz, 849-869, 894-1300MHz range (USA)
  • Scan rate 16cps
  • WFM, FM, AM, Auto
  • 1000 channels per file (50 channels x 20 banks)
  • 1, 5, 6.25, 9, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100, 500kHz; 1MHz steps
  • Attenuator
  • Automatic noise limiter (ANL)
  • Narrow/wide filter
  • Autostore
  • 20 search limits
  • Signal meter
  • Bandscope
  • Icom PCR-100 Specs

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Icom Controller Software

03/10/07 The Icom software for the PCR100 is no longer available on the Icom website.

The provided Icom software available on the Internet and Icom website will not function on versions of Windows 2000, and Windows XP as provided. Symptoms are correctly installed and operating software with an inability to communicate with the radio on the correctly assigned com port. The problem is correctable by replacing a .dll file in the installation package.

A correct version of the file "rxbase.dll" can be obtained by temporarily installing freely available software for the IC-PCR1000 available on the Internet and Icom website. The file can be copied from the PCR1000 directory into the PCR100 directory to replace the old non-working version of rxbase.dll The IC-PCR1000 software can then be uninstalled, leaving a fully functioning version of the Icom PCR100 software controller.

An early version of the software provided with the receiver has an incorrect file name and the installation will fail. The file "setup.ex_" must be renamed "setup1.ex_" in order for the installation to proceed. The steps to correctly installing the program on a modern PC are:

  1. Copy the files from the diskettes to a temporary directory
  2. Rename or copy setup.ex_ to setup1.ex_
  3. Run setup
  4. Download and install the PCR1000 software from the Icom website
  5. Copy rxbase.dll from the PCR1000 software directory to the PCR100 directory
  6. Run the PCR100 software

10.7 MHZ IF Output

The buffered 10.7 MHz IF Output is available at the output (pin 5) of IC5. References throughout the Internet to Q85 are only related to the PCR1000, a different Icom product. IC5 is located on the bottom of the PCB. When looking at the bottom of the PCB, with antenna terminal to the top and right, IC5 is located immediately below and to the left of the center-most mounting screw, within the RF shielding box. Pin 5 is diagonal from the pin with the dot above it (Pin 1), and is the closest pin to the mounting screw. Pin 5 appears to be brought out to a capacitor (the schematic says C235) and then to a hole in the PCB.

However, for more IF signal a tap can be taken AFTER Q29 - there is a handy 0.01F capacitor on the top of the board labelled C249. This is just before L108 - there should be 5.9v at this point.

This output will carry either 4.1V or 1.7V depending on filter selection elsewhere in the signal path. Depending on your use, a small capacitor such as a .22uf bipolar should be used inline with this signal to protect external hardware from this voltage.

All above information can be readily explored in the ICOM IC-PCR100 Service Manual #A-5548MI-S(1998) and associated schematics and board layout.


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