Indianapolis Department of Public Safety Unit IDs

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Unit ID List

Unit ID's may be programmed into certain scanners to display when the unit is transmitting. A few notes about Unit ID's: Some units show multiple unit ID's. Those followed by "A" represent the officer's handheld. Those followed by "B" or "C" represent other crew member's handheld. Exception to this is Battalion Chiefs. Battalion Chief's followed by "A" represent the chauffeur's handheld radio and those followed by "HT" represent the chief's handheld radio. Other units with multiple ID's may have switched apparatus, had been using a reserve or a handheld was mistaken for a mobile radio. All attempts were made to ensure accuracy, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Indianapolis Fire Department


Battalion 2	 i31079
Battalion 4	 i31040
Battalion 6	 i31116
Battalion 6 HT	 i30056
Battalion 6 HT	 i30823
Battalion 6A	 i30872
Battalion 2	 i31079
Battalion 12	 i31300
Battalion 12	 i31009
Battalion 14	 i31135
Battalion 14 HT i31135


Fire Control	         i790040
Fire Control	         i790041
Fire Control	         i790042
Fire Control	         i790043
Fire Control	         i790044
Fire Control	         i790045
Fire Control	         i790046
Fire Control	         i790047
Automated Fire Dispatch i790449
Automated Fire Dispatch i790450


Engine 3A	i31131
Engine 4	i30096
Engine 7	i31008
Engine 7A	i31163
Engine 13	i31203
Engine 14	i31217
Engine 15	i30087
Engine 17	i30676
Engine 17A	i30705
Engine 20	i31062
Engine 21	i30094
Engine 21A	i31262
Engine 22A	i31278
Engine 24	i31894
Engine 25	i31058
Engine 31B	i31333
Engine 33	i31075
Engine 33A	i31349
Engine 39	i30478
Engine 42	i31078
Engine 44	i30088
Engine 61	i30787
Engine 62	i30800
Engine 62A	i30846
Engine 63	i30789
Engine 63A	i30828
Engine 64	i30799


Ladder 6	i30031
Ladder 6	i31155
Ladder 14A	i31221
Ladder 20	i31048
Ladder 22	i31054
Ladder 27	i30090
Ladder 31	i31034
Ladder 44	i31085
Ladder 63	i30796
Ladder 64	i31069
Reserve Ladder	i31063


Medic 1	i30331
Medic 2A	i30271
Medic 3	i30278
Medic 5	i30279
Medic 5	i30315
Medic 10	i30317
Medic 11	i30288
Medic 14	i31007
Medic 15	i30327
Medic 17	i30695
Medic 21	i30022
Medic 24	i31764
Medic 27	i30324
Medic 29A	i30301
Medic 30	i30326
Medic 30	i30304
Medic 31	i30762
Medic 31A	i30306
Medic 39	i30471
Medic 44	i31090
Medic 45	i31088
Medic 50	i30307
Medic 53	i31927
Medic 53A	i31486
Medic 61	i30998


Squad 7A	i31171
Squad 13A	i31208
Squad 29	i31820

Support Cars

Car 1103	i31724
Car 1201	i31413
Car 1221	i31518
Car 1281	i31437
Car 1356	i31457
Car 1375	i31725
Car 1700	i13706
Car 1822	i31083
Car 1822	i31516
Car 1823	i31517
District 4	i31112
District 6	30068


Tactical 23	i31001


RSU 1	i31760
RSU 2	i31762