Ingham County (MI) Law Enforcement

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Countywide Law Enforcement

All police departments in Ingham County have a number designator assigned to the department.  
Most departments use this number as the first digit in their unit number.


1  = Lansing Police Department (Although they use 1, 2, and 3 to designate shifts)
2  = East Lansing Police Department
5  = Ingham County Sheriff Department
6  = Michigan State University Police Department
7  = Ingham County Parks
8  = Lansing Township Police Department (8A24-8A28)
9  = Meridian Township Police Department
11 = MSP Post 11
12 = Mason Police Department
13 = Stockbridge Police Department (13A32)
14 = Webberville (Patrolled by Ingham County Sheriff, 14A11)
15 = Williamston Police Department (15A1 - 15A3)
17 = Delhi Township (Patrolled by Ingham County Sheriff, 17A52-56)
18 = Leslie Police Department (18A82)
20 = Lansing Community College Police Department (20A1, 20A2)


Adam    = One man patrol car
Bike    = Bicycle (East Lansing/MSU)
Boston  = Two man patrol car
Charlie = Command (Ingham County Sheriff)
David   = Detective
Edward  = County Emergency Services/County Heavy Rescue
Frank   = Community Police Officer/Bicycle (Lansing-Delhi TWP.)
Ida     = Lansing one man patrol car if two district cars are on at same time
K9      = Canine Unit
Lincoln = Mason School Resource Officer
Mary    = Motorcycle
Nora    = Narcotics (Tri-County Metro)
Ocean   = Lansing Special Ops/SOD
Sam     = Special Assignment Ex. DWI enforcement(Also ICSD traffic grant unit)
Tom     = Traffic Unit
William = Ingham County Weighmaster

5A5     = Alaiedon Township
5A6     = All County (Countywide)
5A7     = West County (West of Meridian Road)
5A8     = East County (East of Mertdian Road)
5A9     = South County
5A10    = North County
5K96    = Same as 5A5, etc.
5T6     = Countywide Traffic Enformcement (Unless there is another traffic unit)

Lansing Police Units

Adam     One Officer unit.
Boston:  Two Officer unit.
David:   Detective.
K-9:     Tracking or Narcotics Dog.


1 Boston 15 = First shift; Boston type of unit; Badge number.