Installing a Discriminator Tap on a BC350A

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Materials Required

  1. Soldering iron (a cheapie from RadioShack)
  2. Solder - High Tech Rosin Core (RadioShack #64-013)
  3. Desoldering braid/Solder sucker -- just in case something messes up.
  4. Wire - Insulated wrapping wire (RadioShack #278-501), cut to length approx 15"
  5. 3.5mm panel jack (RadioShack #274-248)
  6. Tweezers + tiny flat head screw driver
  7. Hot Glue Gun
  8. Drill + proper sized drill bit
  9. Uniden BC350A Radio Scanner without the antenna/power cord



  1. Locate your wrapping wire and pre-tin one end. Solder it to the right side of the 3.5mm jack.
  2. Get the Uniden 350A Radio Scanner. Unscrew all 8 side screws. Pull off both top & bottom metal cases and put them aside with the screws.
  3. On the bottom of the scanner, locate the antenna connector. Drill a small hole in the chassis next to it for the 3.5mm jack.
  4. Examine the Scandata faq q2 for the IC-3 number and pin 10 that should be used in tapping the discriminator
  5. Route the other end of your cable to the first hole where it says 800MHZ UNIT, located straight down from the antenna connector. Use screwdriver to poke wire into the hole. Flip the scanner over and use tweezers pull it through completely from the other side. Making sure you go under that metal shield.
  6. Bring the wire to Pin #10 and solder it in to place.
  7. Flip scanner over again and mount 3.5mm jack to the hole in the chassis tightly.
  8. Glue everything down afterwords so nothing slides around. (Yeah, I'm paranoid about that stuff.)
  9. Re-assemble the metal cases/screws.

credit to robsterw for the notes and procedure