Ionia County (MI)

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Police Codes

10-5 = paper service (subpoena)
10-7 = out of service or out at the call 
10-8 = in service or back in from the call 
10-9 = misdemeanor warrant
10-10 = felony warrant
10-17 = more info available when away from the person or people
10-19 = call the person or giver them a call
file status = driver's license 
R O = Registered Owner 
5402 = drunk driver
"code" = eating
TX = to call someone or receive a call
station 34 or receiving = jail

EMS Agencies

Life EMS

  • KNNL714 Old Terminated License (461.025R), appears not to be in use by Life EMS, but has beeping noises, possibly Crouch Communications WPKM394 (Community Repeater)
  • 6/11 -461.025 heard 67.0 PL with CW-ID. "Any units close to scenic Road & 1000 Oaks ? Patient in Gravel". This was heard in Van Buren County.


Sparrow Ionia County Memorial Hospital (Ionia)

  • Website
  • Edward W Sparrow Hospital Assn
  • WQGK335 - 452.225 Repeater (11K/7K for Environmental Services)

Municipalities and Districts

Ionia (City)

  • 155.955 WNID990 BM Ionia Police Police (No Longer in use) FM Deprecated

Portland (City)

  • 453.2625 Water Well System Data (NFM) WQPW356


Ionia Public Schools

Lakewood Public Schools

  • WNRS321 463.975 Repeater, 151.865 Mobiles (7K/11K)


  • Bennett Farms (Ionia) Mobiles on 151.79, 151.91 (11K/7K) WQPG912
  • Crouch Communications 152.3075 FB6/Repeater with 157.5675 input (7K at Ionia) FCC App 0005310504 (wrong number)