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Fire/EMS Numbering and Page Tones

1xx Andrew FD 540.7 1820.0
2xx Baldwin FD 564.7 765.0
3xx Bellevue FD & Ambulance 707.3
351/352 Bellevue FD & Ambulance 600.9 634.5
55x Maquoketa Ambulance 1217.8 1321.2
5xx Maquoketa FD 1403.0
5xx Maquoketa Rescue 1530.0
6xx Miles FD 1153.4 1285.8 Preston Ambulance 752
xxx Monmouth FD 588.9 553.7
7xx Preston FD 1153.4 1184.9 Ambulances 751 & 753
751,752,753 Preston Ambulance (Reverse tones of Preston FD) 1184.9 1153.9
8xx Springbrook FD 474.8 799.0

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Manual Roaming

This county uses a finger-tip roaming system. Fire agencies use 154.205 (KUY253) repeated from multiple sites. End user radios programmed with each site's PL tones along with one CSQ simplex channel on 154.205. All agencies have every site available to them. Law enforcement uses the same method, however all output CTCSS tones are the same (156.7).