Johnstown Housing Authority

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0 - Appears to be Maintenance Director/Manager/Supervisor (either way appears to be man in charge, just not sure of "official title").
8 - Vine St/Connors
14-15 - Sounds like Solomon Homes
16 - Coopersdale
19 - Sounds like Prospect
36, 37, 41, 43 - Sounds like Oakhurst
39 - Connor Towers
66 - Unknown - Heard checking Smoke Detector - Possibly Inspector
Purchasing - Purchasing - Sounds like maybe alternative name for Inventory
Inventory (Solomon Homes Garage) - Inventory, seems to be somewhat mobile, guess when going to get supplies
Go Green - Not sure how long this call sign will last, but are the "teams" that go in to the units (apartments) and make the places more "green", such as changing to CFL light bulbs and sealing windows. 07/10