Joint Base Langley-Eustis Radio IDs

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Fort Eustis

2068- FtEFD Engine 11

2092- FtEFD Ladder 10

2115- FtEFD Medic 35

2143- FtEFD Dispatcher

Langley Air Force Base

1014- LAFB FD Dispatcher

1015- LAFB FD Dispatcher

13024- LAFB-FD Medic 2

16077- LAFB-FD Chief 2

16110- LAFB FD Crash 8

As of mid 2020, these radio IDs appear to no longer be valid. Joint Base Langley-Eustis upgraded their system, becoming part of a USAF wide system (57c). Much of the system is encrypted. I spent a couple of hours monitoring Langley and none of these radio IDs appeared. Traffic was not heavy enough in that time frame to determine what activity the identified talk groups performed, though for a couple I did determine dispatch units.