Kansas City Metro - Metropolitan Area Regional Radio System (MARRS)/MARRS RID Ranges

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Every radio on the MARRS system has a unique Radio ID (RID). It is broadcast with every transmission that radio makes, and many scanners are able to decode and display it. There are some patterns to the RIDs which might be useful to know when monitoring MARRS.

The RID is usually reported as a number of up to 7 digits. The first four digits seem to identify a particular city, agency, or function, and the last three digits are individual radios in that block.

Some large agencies, like the Kansas City, Missouri police, occupy several blocks of 1000 RIDs. Some smaller agencies, like Central Jackson County Fire and Lake City Ammunition Plant Fire/EMT, share a single block.

The main way this may be useful is that when an RID you haven't seen before talks, you can guess at which agency the user is probably with, even if they don't announce it. Sometimes this is handy on interagency talkgroups like Regional Common 3, everybody's favorite car-chase channel.

If you don't want to look through the whole list, here are some rules of thumb that usually work:

If the RID is 4 digits or fewer, it's something in Independence, Missouri.

If the RID is 7 digits and begins with 3, it's probably on the Kansas side

If the RID is 7 digits and begins with 4, it's probably on the Missouri side.

The only notable place the "3/4" rules fall down is with 3032 and 3033, which are used by ambulances on both sides of the state line.

This is based on monitoring from late 2018 to spring 2022. At the time this article was first created (mid-January 2021), some agencies in MARRS were reprogramming their radios, in preparation for moving to P25 Phase II. This may cause the radio ID ranges below to change, possibly substantially!

The "block" listed here is the thousands part of the radio ID - block 4001 is radio IDs from 4001000 to 4001999, and so on.

Block Agency
0 Independence. Includes Fire, Police, Power&Light, and Public Works.
1 Independence Police
2 Independence. Includes Fire, Power&Light, and Public Works.
3 Independence. Includes Public Works, Power&Light, Fire, and possibly Police.
4 Independence Police and Fire
5 Independence Public Works
8 Independence. Includes Fire and Public Works.
13 Central Jackson County Fire, Lake City Ammo Fire/EMT, Sugar Creek Police
14 Independence. Includes Power&Light.
15 Lake City Ammo fire/EMT
16 Blue Springs. Includes Police and Public Works.
131 Unknown fire department, possibly Sni Valley or Fort Osage
901 Unknown officers, possibly Federal or Kansas City, Kansas
1000 Missouri Highway Patrol
1004 Missouri Highway Patrol
1005 Missouri Highway Patrol
1030 Missouri DOT Motorist Assist
1033 Missouri DOT Motorist Assist
1061 Central Jackson County Fire
1067 Sni Valley Fire
1261 Kansas City Police
1067 Sni Valley Fire/EMT
1901 Federal?
3000 National Weather Service Pleasant Hill, Life Flight helicopters
3002 Unknown officers, possibly Federal or Johnson County, KS
3003 Johnson County, KS officers, plus possibly Federal
3004 Johnson County, KS officers
3007 Unknown fire department
3008 Johnson County, KS officers
3010 Unknown fire department, possibly Olathe or Kansas City, KS
3012 Olathe Police and possibly Fire
3013 Unknown officers
3016 Olathe Police
3018 Lenexa Police
3019 Unknown officers, possibly Shawnee
3021 Unknown officers, possibly Overland Park
3022 Prairie Village Police
3024 Mission Police, possibly other Kansas-side police
3026 Unknown officers
3032 Various ambulances and emergency rooms: Central Jackson County, Lee's Summit, Kansas City Missouri, American Medical Response, Life Flight, and possibly Kansas City, Kansas. Centerpoint ER, St. Mary's ER, Truman ER, and Truman Lakewood ER.
3033 AMR ambulances
3034 Kansas Highway Patrol
3035 Unknown officers, possibly Kansas City, KS or Kansas Highway Patrol
3036 Kansas Highway Patrol
3039 Kansas City, KS Police
3040 Kansas City, KS ambulances
3041 Unknown officers
3042 Unknown officers
3043 Unknown officers, possibly Bonner Springs, KS
3051 Leavenworth, KS Police
3053 Unknown fire department
3056 Unknown officers
3499 Kansas-side dispatchers. Olathe, Shawnee, KCK, Spring Hill, Overland Park, Leawood, Bonner Springs, and Johnson County Emergency Command Center.
4000 Missouri-side dispatchers. Kansas City Police and Fire, CJC Fire, KCI airport, MKC airport, Independence Fire, Blue Springs Police, Jackson County Sheriff, Clay County Sheriff, Platte County Sheriff, Raytown, South Metro/West Cass Fire, Cass County, Clay County, Claycomo, Pleasant Hill, Grandview, possibly VA Police. Possibly non-dispatch Kansas City Police offers as well.
4001 Kansas City Police
4002 Kansas City Police and Fire
4003 Unknown, possibly Kansas City Police
4004 Kansas City Police
4005 Kansas City Police
4006 Kansas City Police
4007 Kansas City Fire
4008 Kansas City Fire
4009 Kansas City Fire
4010 Unknown, possibly Kansas City Public Works
4012 KCI and MKC Airport Police, Fire, and maintenance.
4014 Kansas City building code inspectors. May also include Animal Control.
4015 Kansas City Police
4020 KCI Airport Police
4021 KCI Airport Police
4022 Kansas City jail
4023 Riverside Police and Kansas City Fire
4024 Platte County Sheriff
4025 Unknown officers, possibly Weston
4026 Unknown officers
4028 North Kansas City Police and Fire
4029 Liberty Police, Claycomo Police, and Clay County Sheriff
4030 Liberty Fire/EMT, possibly Clay County Sheriff
4031 Unknown officers
4032 Clay County Sheriff
4033 Unknown fire and officers, possibly Belton
4034 Unknown officers, possibly Garden City
4035 Cass County Sheriff
4036 Unknown fire, possibly Belton
4038 Kansas City Fire and Raytown Police
4039 Kansas City Fire
4040 Grain Valley Police
4041 Grain Valley and Oak Grove Police. Possibly Greenwood Police.
4042 Grain Valley Police, Inter-City Fire
4044 Jackson County Sheriff and park rangers
4045 Lee's Summit Police and Fire
4046 Lee's Summit Fire
4053 Unknown officers, possibly VA Police
4054 VA Police, plus unknown officers, possibly Federal
4055 VA Hospital, plus unknown officers, possibly Federal
4098 Unknown officer, possibly BNSF Railway Police
4101 Kansas City Police
4103 Kansas City Police
4104 Kansas City Police
4105 Kansas City Police
4106 Kansas City Police
4107 Kansas City Police
4111 Kansas City Police
4112 Kansas City radio technicians
4114 Kansas City radio technicians
4116 Kansas City radio technicians
4117 Kansas City radio technicians
4150 Kansas City Police
4203 Kansas City Police
4204 Kansas City Police
4205 Kansas City Police
4429 Unknown officers, possibly Claycomo and Pleasant Valley
4480 Missouri DOT Motorist Assist
4490 Kansas City Police helicopters
4496 Unknown officers, possibly Kansas City Police, and Kansas City radio technicians
4497 Unknown officers
4498 Kansas City radio technicians
4950 Kansas City Police
4999 Unknown dispatch, possibly Sugar Creek