Kaufman County (TX)

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Kaufman County Radio IDs

Kaufman SO Deputy's use 100 series numbers

Kaufman PD uses 300 series numbers

Maybank PD uses 500 series numbers

Crandall PD uses 700 series numbers

Combine PD uses 800 series numbers

Kaufman PD uses 900 series numbers

DPS #1100's

DPS in Kaufman Gounty has two sergeant areas, 1a02 and 1a12. 1a02 units are 1100 series with one unit that is 1320 who is the corporal. The sergeant's unit # is 1302. 1a12 units use 1500 series, the sergeant's unit number is 1503.

All fire departments use the apparatus type for ID numbers. Brush, Engine, Rescue, Squad, Tanker, Truck
Fire Department Numbers

Combine-58 Crandall-57 Scurry-53 Rosser-60 Kemp-51 Mabank-54 Elmo-55 College Mound-61 Able Springs-63 Terrell-56

Radio call signs are the department/apparatus number.

Ex: Terrell Engine 2. Individual firefighters use the department 2 digit station number with their department ID. Example Elmo 5508.