Kenwood TK-230/330

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General information

The tk-230/330 is a very powerful, inexpensive handheld radio. This radio is a 5 watt uhf/vhf radio which has many features that are easy to enable/disable. it's surprisingly powerful and broad in it's abilities. It can be your basic 10 channel radio with no features, or a 100channel radio with alphanumeric, scan and all sorts of features. It's easy to program, and easy to enable/disable features or upgrade the radio.


  • SpeakerMic
    • KMC-10 - speaker microphone
    • KMC-11 - speaker microphone with antenna
  • Convertacom
    • KVC-10 - A vehicular "docking station" for the tk-230/330 radios
  • Cloning
    • ZKCT-1 - A cloning cable for the radios to program each other
    • KPG-10 - A programming cable for programming the radios through the PC
    • ZKCT-3 - A Metering cable for radio testing.
  • Batteries
    • KNB-3 - the smaller batteries
    • KNB-4 - The larger batteries
  • Internal Parts
    • ?? - Extra channel kit (includes memory and additional top knob panel to support 100channels
    • ?? - Front panel Kit (includes the 16 button front panel kit)


Tk-330 Ten Channel, no features
Tk-330 100 Channel, with front panel