Kiehin IPT Manufacturing Talkgroups

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System Talkgroups

Talkgroups Used

0-03-120 IT Dept

0-03-125 Inmani Assy

0-03-130 Equip Maint (Also the "DISPATCH" Ch.)

0-03-140 Facility Maint.

0-03-150 D/CNDC

0-03-180 D/CGDC

0-03-185 Die Maint

0-07-100 Inmani Mach

0-07-125 HP, TB, FP Mach

0-07-150 Th/bdy Assy

0-11-100 Plastic

0-11-125 Quality Cntrl

0-15-125 Safety

0-15-150 Fire Brigade

0-19-100 Injector

0-19-125 Emergency

0-19-150 *Security

0-19-200 ALL CALL

  • Security handles all facets of plant and grounds security. Everyone entering property must go through main gate. Security also deals with all plant alarms, as well as door and gate opening and closing.