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Kitsap County, Washington State, United States

General County Info

Kitsap County

Kitsap County is a county located in the U.S. state of Washington, named after Chief Kitsap of the Suquamish tribe.

As of the 2012 estimate, its population is 254,991. Its county seat is at Port Orchard, and its largest city is Bremerton.

Kitsap County was formed out of King County, Washington, and Jefferson County, Washington on January 16, 1857. Originally named Slaughter County, it was soon renamed.

The United States Navy is of great importance to the county because it is the largest employer in the county, with installations at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keyport, and Naval Base Kitsap (which comprises former NSB Bangor, and NS Bremerton).

Kitsap County is connected to the eastern shore of Puget Sound by Washington State Ferries runs from Bremerton to Downtown Seattle , Southworth to West Seattle via Vashon Island, Bainbridge Island to Downtown Seattle, and from Kingston to Edmonds.



Kitsap County CENCOM is the dispatch agency for the county. CENCOM dispatches for 7 law enforcement agencies, 6 different fire agencies and handles around 250,000 911 calls per year. More information can be obtained at Kitsap County CENCOM.

Law Enforcement


North LE1 (155.68500)

Used for the following agencies in the north area of Kitsap County:

  1. Poulsbo Police
  2. Bainbridge Island Police
  3. Suquamish Police
  4. Port Gamble Tribal Police
  5. Kitsap County Sheriff's Department

South LE2 (155.43000)

Used for the following agencies in the south area of Kitsap County:

  1. Kitsap County Sheriff's Department
  2. Port Orchard Police

Bremerton PD LE3 (154.99500)

Used for Bremerton Police:

  1. Bremerton Police Department

LE4 (154.96500) Car to car/Tactical

Used for car to car, and it also used as a tactical channel. Is a repeated channel throughout the county.

LE5 (154.98000) Car to Car

Used for car to car communications, is a non-repeated channel.

Law Enforcement Unit Designators

Here is a breakdown of the LE unit designators used in by the Kitsap County agencies. Some of these your will hear on a daily basis, some you will rarely or even never hear.

  • A - Admin Staff
    • Used by admin staff, as well as most of the high ranking officers.
  • B - Bike
    • Used by bike units.
  • C - Central Area
    • Central area of the city of Bremerton. This designator is only used by Bremerton PD.
  • D - Detective
    • Used by detectives.
  • E - East Area
    • East area of the city of Bremerton, also the East-Central area for county units.
  • F - Silverdale/East Central
    • East-Central area of the city of Bremerton, also the Silverdale area of the county.
  • G - South West area
    • West part of the South area of the county. Is a county only designator.
  • H - Natural Resources
    • Used primarily by Port Gamble and Suquamish PD, these designators are used for natural resource officers.
  • I - South East area
    • East part of the South area of the county. Is a county only designator.
  • J - Port Orchard Area
    • Port orchard Sheriff County area.
  • K - K9 unit
    • Used by K9 Units.
  • L - Northwest Area
    • East part of the South area of the county. Is a county only designator now. Is the only West Park designator for Bremerton PD.
  • M - Motorcycle Patrols
    • Used by any agency to designate a unit on a motorcycle.
  • N - Northeast County / West Central Bremerton
    • West central area of the city of Bremerton, also the Northeast part of the county.
  • O - No Stats
    • Used by units signing in to that do not want stats, or are attending training.
  • P - Paul
    • City of Port Orchard Police Units.
  • Q - Explorers
    • Animal Control
  • R - School Resource Officer
    • Used by all school resource officers.
  • S - Sergeant
    • used by any unit that ranks sergeant, or that will be an OIC.
  • T - Traffic
    • Used by designated traffic units. Used only by Kitsap County Sheriff and Bremerton PD.
  • U - Emphasis
    • Used by any units doing a scheduled emphasis for speed, DUI or other traffic related crimes.
  • V - Reserves/Non-commissioned
    • Reserve units, as well as all non-commissioned units use this designator. Bremerton PD uses this for their designated warrants officers.
  • W - West Central/ West Area Bremerton
    • West area of the city of Bremerton, and West Central area of the county.
  • X - Overtime
    • Units in on overtime patrols for various places use this designator.
  • Y - Daily Emphasis
    • Used by units on daily patrols for speed, DUI or other traffic related crimes.
  • Z - Desk Staff
    • used by the desk staff of all the agencies.

Badge Numbers by Department (Used as radio designators also)

Kitsap County Sheriff: 001-299 Bremerton Police: 400-599 Poulsbo Police: 600-699 Port Orchard Police: 700-799 Bainbridge Island Police: 800-899 Suquamish Police: 900-999 Port Gamble Police: 1100-1199 Port Gamble Natural Resources: 1800-1899 Henry Animal Control: 1900-1999

Fire Dispatch

Fire1 (154.37000)

Fire1 is a simplex channel used for toning and initial dispatch. This is the primary frequency used for toning all 6 fire agencies services by CENCOM.

Fire2 (155.02500)

Fire2 is a repeated channel in the county. Its is the main response frequency for all of the fire agencies. Fire2 is considered the working channel, and is where all of the information is passed between dispatch and the fire units that are responding to calls, on scene or transporting a patient.

Fire3 (155.77500)

Fire3 is a simplex channel used as a tactical channel. The frequency is most often used for for structure fires, where there will be a large volume of radio traffic that would inturrupt the normal operations that are on Fire2. There is no reason that any other event that becomes large enough to disrupt normal operations cannot be moved to Fire3 as a means to alleviate traffic on the operations channel.

Fire4 (154.41500)

Fire4 is the same as fire3, and used in the same capacity.

Others Transmitters

Kitsap/Bremerton Police codes/disposition

1 In Service

2 Out Of Service

3 At Station

14 Outsiders May Be Listening/Scanner

20 Phone

45 Wants/Warrants Check


B Report Taken

C Call cleared




I Cancelled before arrival


J Assitance Given

"Pick" - DWS, warren, ect.

Amateur Radio