Kodak Firefighting

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Kodak Firefighting

Kodak FD celebrated its 100th Anniversary during 1997. 

KFD follows the regular county numbering system, using numbers 
from the 7th Battalion. 

As of the end of 2002, Kodak FD has one station at Kodak Park and 
another at West Kodak.  All other stations have been closed down 
as Eastman Kodak no longer owns or uses those properties.

The Kodak FD has its own Restricted Alarm procedure for use when 
the department is working multiple incidents.  They use "Code E" to
notify their personnel.   When there is an incident requiring 
fill-ins, KFD broadcasts "Condition 1" and the Rochester and
Greece-Ridge Fire Departments are dispatched to Kodak fire stations. 

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