LP-Lockport Sub

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  • CSX Lockport Subdivision operates on 160.8000 mhz
  • Controlled by the NG Dispatcher on 160.9500 mhz
  • Located between Lockport,NY and Niagara Falls,NY (11.7 miles)
  • Single Track Subdivision
  • There is 1 Defect Detector
  • The subdivision from CP-PORT to the Sanborn,NY Defect Detector is governed by Track Warrant Control
  • The subdivision from CP-69 to CP-22 on the CSX Niagara Sub is governed by Automatic Block Signals with the exception of CP-69 & CP-22 which are governed by Control Point Signals

  • Begin of CSX Lockport Sub/End of Falls Road RR Co. Inc. (FRR) Falls Road Main
  • Heath St. (Lockport,NY) - Milepost QDL58.29 (Connection w/CSX Somerset RR Sub)
  • Control Point PORT - Milepost QDL58.7
  • Lockport,NY Industrial Track - Milepost QDL58.8
  • East/East Junction Switch - Milepost QDL58.9
  • Control Point JUNC - Milepost QDL60.0
  • West/East Junction Switch - Milepost QDL60.1
  • Kulger Scrap Siding - Milepost QDL60.6
  • Cambria (NY) - Milepost QDL64.7
  • Control Point SAN - Milepost QDL67.1
  • Calkins Lumber Siding - Milepost QDL67.5
  • Sanborn,NY Defect Detector - Milepost QDL69.0 (KNNL266) (43.129263/-78.931112) (Licensed on 161.070 MHz)
  • Control Point 69 - Milepost QDL69.6 (East Leg of the Tuscarora Wye to the CSX Niagara Sub)
  • Control Point 22 - Milepost QDL70.4 (West Leg of the Tuscarora Wye to the CSX Niagara Sub)
  • End of CSX Lockport Sub/Begin of CSX Niagara Sub

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