Lawrence County (MO)

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Lawrence County Government

Sheriff/ Law

  • 159.915 C110.9 with multiple input tones}
    • 158.88000 KNNJ742 (input) 127.3 PL Lawr Sheriff B Sheriff: Dispatch (Marionville 62) FMN Law Dispatch
    • 158.88000 KNNJ742 (input) `46.2 PL Lawr Sheriff C Sheriff: Dispatch (Miller 63) FMN Law Dispatch

"Old Frequencies'

  • 155.05500 KWV564 BM CSQ Lawr Rural Law Sheriff / Municipal Police (repeats on 159.915?) FMN Law Tac
  • 155.14500 WXT753 BM Lawr Sheriff Old Sheriff: Old FMN Law Tac
  • 159.04500 151.07000 WPVT434 RM Lawr Mutual Aid Mutual Aid (Freq's reversed) FMN Interop

Municipalities and Districts


  • 154.28 - Fire Mutual Aid used by Aurora and Aurora Rural Fire

Aurora Rural Fire Protection District

  • 155.6175R/159.4125 WQXE850 192.8 PL Fire: Paging/Dispatch/Fireground (186.2 input )


  • WQTV644 - 151.385 Repeater with 156.105 input (NFM)


  • Located in both Barry and Lawrence Counties.

Mount Vernon

  • WQTV916 - 155.58 Base/Mobile, 453.3 Repeater (NFM for City Transportation) [No traffic heard 3/15 by local user]

Mount Vernon Rural Fire District

Mount Vernon (City)

  • Website
  • 155.53500 KBF421 M MV EMS MX EMS: Mobile Extenders [Expired 4/11]
  • 453.90000 KBF421 RM MV EMS UHF Ambulance District [Expired 4/11]

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

St. John's EMS

Serves Mount Vernon Ambulance District

  • WZX647 - also Mobile Extenders on 151.1

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Schools and Colleges


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