Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe (MN)

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Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe (LLBO) is planning to migrate to Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER).

Their Participation plan indicates a total of 268 Users.

  • Public Works (All using Motorola XTS1500 and Motrola XTL1500)
    • Head Start - 17 Radios (14 Mobiles, 3 Portables)
    • Heavy Equipment - 13 Radios (12 Mobiles, 1 Portable)
  • Schools
    • 88 Mobiles, 47 Portables, 12 Bases

These Radios will be spread across 38 Tribal talkgroups

Law Enforcement

TGID Alias Description
LL Law All Law Announcement Group
LL Law 1 Leech Lake Police 1
LL Law 2 Leech Lake Police 2
LL Law 3E Leech Lake Police 3 Encrypted
LL PD C-C Leech Lake Police Car to Car
LL CO Leech lake Conservation Officers
LL DEA Drug Enforcement
LL ERT Emergency Response Team
LL LW Ad Leech Lake Law Admin


TGID Alias Description
LL EMS All EMS Announcement Group
LL EMS 1 Leech Lake EMS 1
LL EMS 2 Leech Lake EMS 2
LL EMS Adm Leech Lake EMS Admin
LL FR Leech Lake First Responders
LL IHS Leech Lake Indian Health Services
LL DRM 1 Leech Lake Division of Resource Management Fire
LL DRM 2 Leech Lake Division of Resource Management Operations

Interoperability & Events

TGID Alias Description
LL Annouce All All Announcement Group
LL Com 1 LL Public Safety Common 1
LL Com 2 LL Public Safety Common 2
LL 911 Leech Lake Emergency
LL Emer Leech Lake Emergency Button
LL Sw Roam Leech Lake Statewide Roam
LL VHF East Leech Lake VHF Interop East
LL VHF West Leech Lake VHF Interop West
LL Event 1 Leech Lake Event 1
LL Event 2 Leech Lake Event 2

Public Works & Transportation

TGID Alias Description
LL Hwy 1 Leech Lake Road/Highway 1
LL Hwy 2 Leech Lake Road/Highway 2
LL Transit 1 Leech Lake Transit 1
LL Transit 2 Leech Lake Transit 2
LL Gaming Leech Lake Gaming
LLPW TBD-1 Future Public Works
LLPW TBD-2 Future Public Works
LLPW TBD-3 Future Public Works
LL HS Leech Lake Head Start
LLSD TBD-1 Leech Lake Schools 1
LLSD TBD-2 Leech Lake Schools 2

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