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Lenawee Community Ambulance

*HVA/LCA have in their vehicles the following VHF-High band frequencies: 155.340 (HEARN), 155.280 (Statewide Disaster), 155.355 (Statewide Coordination) and County Fire Freqs

Huron Valley Ambulance

A = Alpha (ALS Paramedic Unit)
B = Bravo (BLS EMT-Basic Unit)
C = Charlie (Paramedic Supervisors & Upper Management such as Vice President)
E = Echo  (Paramedic first response unit, staffed with 1 senior paramedic)

ALS = Advanced Life Support
BLS = Basic Life Support

Priority Codes:

Priority 1 = Lights and Sirens Response
Priority 3 = Non-emergent immediate response (911 calls)
Priority 4 = A scheduled transfer normally handled by BLS units
Priority 5 = Any transfer that is called in 1hr before the time of the pick-up

Shift points for central operations are coded A1-A99, these are usually either an intersection, or a specific location such as a gas station for fueling. Ambulances are positioned strategically throughout the counties to provide coverage. A unit is typically required to be with in 500 meters of the particular point they are stationed. Each crew, typically has a particular spot they like to park when sitting at a point, such as in an empty parking lot or behind buildings.

Huron Valley Ambulance (HVA) Unit Numbering

Livingston Community Ambulance

Charlie 500 - Daytime Shift Supervisors
Charlie 600 - Night Shift Supervisors
Alpha   101 - Hamburg Unit
Alpha   102 - Genoa Unit
Alpha   103 - Brighton Unit
Alpha  104 - Hartland Unit
Alpha  105 - West side (Grand River and Burkhart)
Alpha  106 - 12 hour day shift unit (Grand River and Chilson)
Alpha  107 - Cover car
Echo Units: 1 person in a non transporting ALS unit. (Ford Excursions)

Lenawee Community Ambulance

All units are ALS

501 - Tecumseh
504 - Adrian
507 - Cambridge Twp

505 - 10 hrs out of Raisin Twp Fire
595 - 10 hrs out of Raisin Twp Fire with Supervisor

502 - Special Events Car
503 - Special Events Car
506 - Special Events Car
508 - Special Events Car

511 - Michigan International Speedway (MIS) Track car