Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (P25) Status Updates

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Status Update 10/12/15

The following agencies are now on the system and actively using it:

 Lexington Fire
 Fayette County Sheriff
 LFUCG Animal Control
 Blue Grass Airport
 Division of Emergency Management
 Fayette County Detention Center

Lexington Fire is simulcasting some talk groups (Dispatch, Fire Channels) from the EDACS system. Some users can be heard using the radios on the digital system, but most are still using EDACS.

The system has P25 patches to federal interoperability frequencies (systemwide patch from single transmit/receive location):

 800MHz: 8Call90, 8Tac91, 8Tac92, 8Tac93, 8Tac94
 UHF: UCall40, UTac41, UTac42, UTac43, UTac44
 VHF: VCall10, VTac11, VTac12, VTac13, VTac14

Each radio is able to independently transmit (in analog) on 8Tac91, 8Tac92, 8Tac93, 8Tac94.

Patches exist to the statewide VHF Mutual Aid (155.4750) and UHF Mutual Aid (458.3000) frequencies.

Patches also exist to the following agencies (systemwide patch from physical radio at single transmit/receive location):

 Fayette County Public Schools (Operating on Lexington-Fayette EDACS System)
 Univ. of Kentucky Patrol 1 (Operating on Lexington-Fayette EDACS System)
 Transylvania University
 Georgetown Police (Operating on NEXEDGE VHF frequency)
 Paris PD (Operating on NEXEDGE VHF frequency)

Status Update 10/11/19

Lexington/Fayco Animal Control operates on the ERS-OCI Cap+ system, Lexington Transit Authority AKA (LexTran) uses the Lexington Call Mobile system as primary communications. Central sector dispatch for Lexington PD is Partlly Encrypted, New and a complete list of EC to Hospital Talkgroups have been confirmed and entered into the Database. FAYCO Schools patch to the system no longer is used and is deprecated, Most Fayco and Lexington agencies operate on this system. However, Fayette County Sheriff remains on 800Mhx Conventional Freqiueces for primary communications.
The majority of LFUCG public work services operate on conventional VHF/UHF frequencies as primary communication, Not all are currently listed and are still being scanned for Confirmation. As it looks now, Most LFUCG services use NXDN and DMR as their selection rather than regular FM.