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Lincoln County (MO)

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Air-Evac Lifeteam can be heard on 153.095 (O'Fallon) and 153.08 (Troy) D073, see EMS Page for more info


Lincoln County Government

Lincoln County / Central Dispatch

  • Dispatch is referred to as "Central" over radios for all police, fire and ems.
  • Units heard: 2103 (155.6025)
  • 3/12 - Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, Dispatches "Missouri State Park Rangers" for "Cuivre River State Park"

Lincoln County Public Water District #1

WGP750 - 451.575 Repeater, Bases, Mobiles (D026 voice heard in Greene Co IL); 173.20375 FX1

Municipalities and Districts


Elsberry Fire Protection District

  • 155.5875 141.3 - Fire units? (heard Greene Co IL 3/14)

Hawk Point

Hawk Point Volunteer Fire Department

Lincoln County Fire Protection District 1 (Troy)

  • Serves Troy, Moscow Mills and several surrounding rural communities. (163 sq. mi; 4 stations)
  • Website
  • Serves Troy, Moscow Mills, and several surrounding rural communities. The district covers approximately 163 square miles bordering St. Charles and Warren Counties to the South. Lincoln County Fire Protection District operates with four stations. Station 1 is staffed with a 24 hour career crew

Moscow Mills

11/16 - 155.205 - 173.8 PL is also dispatch for Moscow Mills Police Department

Old Monroe

Old Monroe Fire Protection District


Northwest Fire Protection District

  • Listed on page, but can not find any history of a license for these frequencies
  • 460.62500 WPVG952 F Fire: Remote Link - C Pass FMN
  • 465.62500 WPVG952 F Fire: Remote Link - Ford FMN


Winfield Foley-Fire Protection District

  • Dispatched by "Central" Units: 6353 (Paged/Dispatch on 154.145 173.8 PL)

Fire Districts

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Lincoln County Ambulance District

  • Units: 6700s; Med 1 and 2 - Troy base, Med 3 - Elsberry base, Med 4 - Winfield base, Med 5 - Auburn base

Mercy Hospital - Lincoln

Formerly Lincoln County Medical Center (Troy) / Lincoln County Memorial Hospital

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Fire/EMS Unit IDs

  • Dispatch is referred to as "Central" over radios for all Police, Fire and EMS.

Police Badge Numbers

  • 100-199 Troy City Police
  • 200-299 Elsberry City Police
  • 300-399 Silex City Police
  • 400-499 Lincoln County Sheriff Deputies
  • 500-589 Lincoln County Jail Correction Officers
  • 590 Lincoln County Coroner
  • 591-599 Lincoln County Jail Correction Officers
  • 600-699 Lincoln County Radio Dispatchers
  • 700-799 Reserves Lincoln County Sheriff Deputies
  • 800-999
  • 800 Patrol Repair Center. These are in house repair trucks that are only used one a patrol car wrecks or in this case today runs off the road or gets stuck because of snow.
    • 801 Tow Truck 1
    • 802 Tow Truck 2
    • 811 Wrecker 1
    • 812 Wrecker 2
  • 2100-2199 Moscow Mills Police Officers
  • 2200-2299 UNASSIGNED
  • 2300-2399 Foley Police Officers
  • 2400-2499 Old Monroe Police Officers
  • 2500-2599 Winfield Police Officers
  • 2600-2699 Hawk Point Police Officers
  • (Example Call: Central to Zone 3 deputy copy an ATV complaint call)
  • The Sheriff Deputies Zones are based upon the EMS systems 1-5 coverage area listed below.

Fire Department Badge Number

  • 6100s Winfield / Foley Fire District (was listed as 6300)
  • 6200s Northwest Fire District (Silex) (was listed as 6600)
  • 6300s Old Monroe Fire District (was listed as 6200)
  • 6400s Lincoln County Fire Protection District
    • 6414 heard 154.8225 EMS Call (1/30/15) 158.805 141.3 (12/16)
  • 6500s Hawk Point Fire District
  • 6600s Elsberry Fire District (was listed as 6100)
  •  ?? 6400-6499 Troy Fire District
  •  ?? 6700-6799 Troy Ambulance (6707)

EMS Badge Number System

  • Medic 1 Troy City
  • Medic 2 Troy City and Hawk Point
  • Medic 3 Elsberry District
  • Medic 4 Winfield / Foley District (Winfield Base)
  • Medic 5 Silex District (Auburn Base)
  • 6701 Base 1 Supervisior for Medic 1 and 2.
  • 6703 Base 3 Supervisior for Medic 3
  • 6704 Base 4 Supervisior for Medic 4
  • 6705 Base 5 Supervisior for Medic 5

Sheriff 10-Codes

  • Uses the same 10-codes as the Missouri Highway Patrol with a few exceptions.
  • 10-10 Fight in Progress
  • 10-54 Drag Racing
  • 10-100 Bomb Threat

Sheriff Response Codes

  • Alpha Please go to this location sometime today before the end of the shift.
  • Bravo Please go to this location direct but obey speedlimits and traffic laws.
  • Charlie Go to this location now with lights and sirens and keep it under 85MPH.
  • Delta Go to this location now with lights and sirens and keep it under 130MPH.
  • Echo Only announced when their has been something extremely bad or a person is not breathing. Go to this location now with lights and sirens and car is maxed out.

Sheriff Codes

Often when on a traffic stop after running the plate information call a code number.

  • Code 4 Remaining with car everything is ok
  • Code 3 Remaining with car having some trouble
  • Code 2 Remaining with car going to take into custody need back up.
  • Code 1 Officer Down


Eolia - Fire Department 90		64027
Lincoln County 911/Sheriff Dispatch	6200
Lincoln County Department of Health	36433

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Schools and Colleges

Lincoln County School Districts

  • Website
  • unidentified School and Bus frequencies (151.955, 452.325R, 461.15R, 461.4R, 464.4R)


  • Troy Buchanan High School
  • Troy Middle School
  • Human Resources
  • Ninth Grade Center Lincoln Elementary
  • Boone Elementary
  • Cuivre Park Elementary
  • Street Elementary
151.95500  KNJT212  BM   R III (near I-67 & MO-47 Troy)
452.32500  WPMN507  RMF  Linc School  R-2 (Elsberry, 7th & Ellis)
461.15000  WNVC643  RMF  Linc SD Bus1  R IV (1/8 mi E of Winfield High School)  
461.40000  WPHC373  RM   Linc SD Bus2  RIII: Buses (Troy)  
464.40000  WPLF713  RMF  Buch HighSch  RIII: Buchanan High School: Office, Admin
                  Maintenance, Security (1190 Old Capaurgris-Troy) (Phone Patch)    


Amerigas has a very tall tower located at their building north of Wentzville

Presbyterian Children Services

451.61250  0003741847  M PrsbChldrnSv  School Operations (Silex)  FMN  

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