Livingston County (NY) Fire Tone Outs

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  • Any tone in red is estimated.

Fire/EMS Tones on 46.16
District Tone A Tone B
All Sirens (group) KL
Conesus page 384.5 426.6
Conesus siren DL KE
Geneseo page E F
Geneseo siren EK LF
Hemlock page 321.8 339.7
Hemlock siren EL KF
Lakeville page 346.9 473.0
Lakeville siren CL KF
Lima EMS page 1530.0 1403.0
Lima fire page 1530.0 1180.0
Livonia fire page 426.6 977.1
Livonia Ambulance (PRI) page 1321.0 1403.1
Livonia Ambulance (BKUP) page 426.6 1403.1
Livonia siren EK LN

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