Location Based Info

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Guidance for Location Based Data

In the RadioReference Database, location based attributes are available for frequencies and talkgroup subcategories, and system sites.

For entire trunked systems, agencies, and counties, default location based data can be assigned so that frequency subcategories, talkgroup categories, and sites can inherent default information from that parent entity.

  • For frequencies and talkgroups, location based data should be assigned based on service area of that frequency talkgroup. So, if a talkgroup services police dispatch in the northern area of a county, then the location based data should reflect the service area of that "northern area."
  • For system sites, location based data should be assigned based on coverage area of that site.

Assigning Location Based Data

The Location Helper Tool

RadioReference provides administrators the location helper, a tool to help assign lat/long and range information for entities. The following tools are available in the helper:

  • Lat/Long center points from the USGS Survey database of locations and points of interest in the United States. These can be used as a starting Lat/Long and then range assigned.
  • Ability to click on a point on a map to retrieve a lat/long and populate the attributes.
  • A range ring display to show the coverage area of an entity before the location based set of attributes is saved to the entity.