Lockport Township High School system Research

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School Operations

Each campus has its own operations frequency. They are using LTR equipment but not a trunking system.

  • WPOY378 - Conventional, located at East Campus
  • WPSY587 - Conventional, located at Central Campus

There is no PL nor DPL as they are LTR radios. These can be monitored as CSQ conventional or as 2 LTR systems with only one frequency. Alternately considering the proximity of the campuses monitoring as a single LTR system with 2 frequencies is functional.

East uses LCN 03 with currently only one talk group 0-03-100. Output 152.4275 - Input 157.6875

Central uses LCN 07 with currently only one talk group 0-07-100. Output 152.9900 - Input 159.8850


Buses and transportation coordination is at 152.9225 with DPL 43 licensed under WQOW215, input 159.5925, repeater at the bus barn.

Another license, WJQ621 is base and mobile on 155.2200, PL 67.0. no repeater, is still valid but not actively in use. This is the same frequency as MERCI 220 which is not generally used outside of East St. Louis but may be used for some dispatching.