Los Angeles County (CA) Alhambra FD

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Alhambra Fire Dept. (Disp. by Verdugo Fire Comm.)

  • Sta. #71 (HQ) - 301 N. First St. @ W. Woodward Ave.,Alhambra (KME405/KML741) (The back of the Sta. has an address of 306 N. Second St. @ W. Woodward Ave.)
  • Sta. #72 - 1215 S. Sixth St. between W. Shorb St. & W. Valley Blvd.,Alhambra (KME405)
  • Sta. #73 - 2200 W. Main St. @ Poplar Blvd.,Alhambra (KME405)
  • Sta. #74 - 1501 Elm St. @ (2505) W. Norwood Pl.,Alhambra (KME405) (The Sta. faces W. Norwood Pl.)
  • Training Facility - 911 S. New Ave. between E. Adams Ave. & Dead End,Alhambra (The Training Facility sits at the Dead End)

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