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Narrowband Compliant

Available in 10-25 or 25-40 Watts Power Output

Available in 4 or 20 Channels

Compact Microphone

Non-Locking Mounting Bracket

8 Character Alpha Dual Color Display (20-channel models only)

3 Programmable Options Buttons (2 on 4-channel models)

Dual-Priority Scan (Single priority scan on 4-channel models)

Telephone Access/Deaccess

Display Aliasing (20-channel models only)

Local/Distance *

Repeater Talkaround **

AdvantagePort Expandability ***

Horn and Lights (requires installed Quik Call II)

* Local/Distance - Radio service software (RSS) easily allows the choice for a Local rather than a Distance setting if you desire the 10dB interference protection that this mode provides. Programmable radio wide or to an option button.

** Repeater/Talkaround - You may utilize a repeater to increase range for your radio's signal or to provide telephone interconnect. Talkaround frequencies do just that - they circumvent the repeater to talk directly to another radio.

*** AdvantagePort Expandability - Allows an authorized dealer to add an Advantage Board to upgrade radio functionality.