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Welcome to the MW DXing and Broadcast wiki. The MW band (540-1700 khz) is where broadcasting began in the US, and DXing in this band has been around ever since. The links on this article should help get you started in this area. In addition there are media-related links for additional background.

The 1700-2000 khz range is often referred to as the 'Med-fer' part of the spectrum. While there is limited experimentation here, telemetry and navigational beacons are also heard here. This service is slowly dying out as less expensive, and more reliable technology is being used instead.

Applications, Databases and FCC Search Engines

  • See Section 7 of the SWL_Broadcast article for links to international lists such as Aoki, EiBi and the HFCC
  • MWList
FCC Queries



  • See our Loops article which contains a huge amount of information on these antennas.

Phasing Units

MFJ-1025 / MFJ-1026
Quantum Phaser
Timewave ANC-4
WiMo QRM Eliminator



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