MX-Memphis Terminal Sub

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  • CSX Memphis Terminal Subdivision operates on 161.3700 mhz
  • Controlled by the SD Dispatcher on 161.5200 mhz
  • Located in Memphis,TN (3.2 miles)
  • Single Track Subdivision
  • There are no Defect Detectors

  • Begin of CSX Memphis Terminal Sub/End of CSX Memphis Sub
  • N. Graham St. - Milepost F368.88
  • N. Highland St. - Milepost F369.93
  • Warford St. - Milepost F371.0
  • Avery Ave. - Milepost ONI224.62
  • Neptune St. - Milepost ONI227.78
  • End of CSX Memphis Terminal Sub/Begin of Union Pacific (UP) Memphis Sub

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