Mac Nicecast Setup Instructions

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Software Required

  • NiceCast from Rogue Amoeba has been retired

They recommend migrating to Audio Hijack for a modern broadcasting setup. Click on the link above.

Mac Sound and other Settings

  • Set for Line In

Go to: (System Preferences), the to (Sound), the to (Input). Select Line In or what ever input the scanner is connected to.

  • Set Input Volume as needed but poss no higher than the first line.
  • Recommend you turn off auto software updating.
  • Recommend you turn off Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Recommend you set the Mac to reboot when power is returned

Nicecast Setup Instructions

Nicecast Server Section First, Create a new server:

1. Go to (Window) at the top menu

2. Select (Show Server)

In the server click on the + at the lower left to add a new server.

Then, enter the following in the areas listed:

  • Name: Enter your stream name (Example: Home City Fire)
  • Server type: Set to Icecast2
  • Account: Leave empty
  • Password: Found in your feed owners page.
  • Address: (Server) Found in your feed owners page. Example:
  • Port: 80 or possibly 8000
  • Mount point: Found in your feed owners page. Example: /123456789
  • Public URL: Leave empty

Nicecast Broadcast Section

Source Tab
  • Select Built in Line.
Info Tab
  • Name: Enter your stream name (Example: Home City Fire)
  • URL:
  • Genre: scanner
  • Description: Enter same as your stream name.: (Example: Home City Fire)
Titles Tab
  • Should all be set automatically
Quality Tab
  • Preset: Set to Custom
  • Bitrate: Set to 16kbps for a mono (one scanner) feed or set to 32kbps for a stereo (two scanner feed)
  • Sample Rate: Set to 22,025Hz
  • Channels: Set to Mono or stereo as needed (mono for one radio, stereo for two radios)
  • CPU Usage/Quality: Set to what you need. I have mine set to a little more than 2/3.
Share Tab
  • Should be set automatically

You should see something like this:



Effects Tab
  • Turns ON & OFF effects.


  • After all above is set, exit Nicecast and relaunch to save the settings.
  • You can also set Nicecast and the Mac to reboot when power is returned.
  • Press "Start Broadcast" in the Nicecast Broadcast Section. If there is a connection to RR, State will show On Air.
  • You can find the needed RR settings by looking at the feed owner page for the feed in question. Then copy & past the Server, Port, Mount, & Password info in Nicecast as needed.