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Madison County Fire/Rescue

  • Ashville Area VFD Inc. - 10108 Ashville Hwy. (aka County Road 146) between E. 1st St. & E. 2nd Way,Greenville (Jefferson Co.)
  • Cherry Lake VFD Inc. - 2612 N.E. Cherry Lake Cir. @ N.E. Olive St.,Pinetta
  • City of Madison FD - 253 S.W. Horry Ave. @ S.W. Dade St.,Madison
  • Hamburg/Lovett VFD - 7286 N.W. Lovett Rd. (aka County Road 150) between N.W. Panther Trl. & N.W. Bailey Grade Rd.,Greenville
  • Lee Community VFD - 322 N.E. County Road 255 between N.E. Hazelnut Trl. & N.E. Peach Tree St.,Lee
  • Madison County EMS - 1314 W. Base St. (aka W. State Road 10/W. US-90) between S.W. Old US-90 & S.W. Captain Brown Rd.,Madison
  • New Home Community VFD - 1352 S.W. Moseley Hall Rd. (aka County Road 360) between S.W. Camp Hammock Way & S.W. Caleb Ave.,Madison
  • Pinetta VFD - 509 N.E. Persimmon Dr. across from N.E. School St.,Pinetta
  • Sirmans VFD Inc. - 118 S.W. Okaloo Way between S.W. First Federal Rd. & S.W. Ona Ln.,Greenville
  • Town of Greenville VFD -
    • Current Sta. - 174 S.W. Overgard St. @ S.W. Main St.,Greenville (Sta. faces S.W. Main St.)
    • Former Sta. - 154 S.W. Old Mission Ave. @ S.W. Onslow St.,Greenville (Bays face S.W. Onslow St.)

Madison County Fire Rescue Tones

The tones lised below were updated/adjusted in August 2013. These updates show the exact frequency of tone detected/confirmed by "Two Tone Detect" software version 60. (Only the tone for Lee changed significantly... the originally reported tone pair was apparently in error).

Department                       Tone  A     Tone  B

City of Madison Fire/Rescue      672         989
Greenville VFD                   833         672
New Home VFD                     989         672
Pinetta VFD                      672         833
Cherry Lake VFD                  672         1232
City of Lee                      1232        564
Sirmans                          989         564
Hamburg                          871         564