Madison County (MO)

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Madison County Ambulance District (Fredericktown)

  • WQOE496 - Repeater on 151.34 in 155.91 input (NXDN/NFM)

Is now on DMR.

Public Water Supply of Madison County

  • WQRJ306 - 173.3625 Fixed

Cherokee Pass / Marquand

  • WQOY299 - 159.1425 Base/Mobile for Fire (NFM at Marquand)


  • WQNG539 for Utility Maintenance (IG) 151.6775 Repeater with 159.6375 input (11K) (new 2011)


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Madison County 911/Sheriff/Emergency Management Dispatch   49020
Madison County Department of Health		           36447


== Units and Codes ==
=== Public Safety ===
Cherokee Pass/Marquand VFDs 30-59
Cherokee Pass/Marquand VFDs 60-80
Frederickton Fire           800's
Frederickton PD             700's
Madison County EMS          5600's

5611  unit on 154.0925R (But note EMS is on DMR check Database for more info)

Madison County SO           300's

Note : Fredericktown FD, PD, Madison EMS, SO, Fredericktown School District, and Cherokee Pass is on DMR