Manatee County Public Services Unknown Talkgroups

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Unidentified talkgroups

  • 1153 sounds like a law enforcement or bylaw agency, callsigns CE4 and CE5.
  • 1154 is the same parties as 1153. Sounds like random chatter, trying to get a citizen access to the "vacant registry".
  • 1293 was identified as "Island Tac" by a unit calling for "William 70".
  • 1295 seemed to have two police dispatch centers talking together about a joint incident.
  • 1303 was police at an event (likely a Pirates spring training game).
  • 1305 is police chatter, no indication of area or district.
  • 293 was police talking about rural properties and horses/cattle.
  • 353 was police with a digital sound to it (either ProVoice or patched from a digital system), no way to tell who it was or what they were doing (conversation too short).
  • 354 was also police with a digital sound, referencing 30 St & US 301 as an address. (Sarasota PD?)
  • 355 is also a digital-sounding police, looking for a place to set up "LPR".
  • 843 is someone sending trucks somewhere with visitor badges (airport or military base? Lots of refrigerated trucks and service vehicles, and mention of Army Corps of Engineers at one point). Talking about South Gate, possibly Delmonte, and ultimately trucks/badges are mentioned as "outbound".

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