Marion County (OH)

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Marion County, Ohio
Map of Marion County Ohio With Municipal and Township Labels.PNG
Map of Marion County, Ohio With Municipal and Township Labels
County Number 51
OSP District Bucyrus
OSP Post 51 (Marion)
ODOT District 6 (Delaware)
MARCS Zone 2
NWS Office Cleveland
FIPS Code 39101

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Marion County, Ohio

  • Caledonia
  • Green Camp
  • LaRue
  • Morral
  • New Bloomington
  • Prospect
  • Waldo
  • Big Island
  • Bowling Green
  • Claridon
  • Grand
  • Grand Prairie
  • Green Camp
  • Marion
  • Montgomery
  • Pleasant
  • Prospect
  • Richland
  • Salt Rock
  • Scott
  • Tully
  • Waldo

Public Safety Communications

Marion County Sheriff, Marion Police Department and Marion County Fire are on the MARCS:IP P25 Statewide System.

Some fire public safety agencies in Marion County use conventional VHF High Band and UHF frequencies.

Fire/EMS Tones and Station Numbers

Frequency: 154.130

100 First Consolidated JFD
2615.6/1830.4 200 Battle Run
300 Marion Township
400 Pleasant Township
569.4/329.3 500 Salt Rock Township
1122.3/339.1 600 Fort Morrow
472.9/693.3 700 Scioto Valley JFD
800 Green Camp
900 New Bloomington
??? Marion

Marion PD Codes and Signals

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Signal/Code Meaning Signal/Code Meaning
(Signal) 1 Affirmative  25 In pursuit
2 Accident 26 Drunk
2a Injury accident 26a Drunk driver
2b Pedestrian accident (Signal) 27 Terminal (Computer) dispatch
2c Hit-Skip accident 28 Escort
2d Property accident 29 Meet at location
3 Ambulance needed 30 Fight
4 Assault 30a Weapon involved fight
4A Assault with weapon 31 Prisoner in custody
(Signal) 5 In Service 32 Fire
6 Assist motorist 35 Supervisor needed
6a Motorist locked-out 36 Homicide
7 Car out of service 37 Traffic stop
8 Assist other unit 38 Marion General Hospital
9 Car to car 39 Traffic detail
10 Burglar alarm 40 Juvenile
11 Check airport 43 Report
12 Burglary 44 Firearm
12a Burglary in progress 44a Knife
13 Dead upon arrival 45 Warrant check
14 Bad check (Signal) 45 Warrant confirmed
14a Forgery, bad check 47 Wrecker (aka. Hooker)
14b Fraud, bad check 48 Missing person
15 Emergency run 49 Lunch break
15a Emergency run, radio traffic 50i Open Door
16 Call public service 58 Rape
16a Call dispatch 58a Sex offense
16b Call court house 60 Robbery
16c Call? 60a Weapon involved robbery
16d Call home 60b Robbery in progress
17 File check 61 Meet on station
17a Registration check 64 Shooting
18 Disturbance 68 Stabbing
19 Channel 2 (154.860) 70 Stolen vehicle
20 K-9 barking 72 Suicide
20a K-9 bite 72a Attempted suicide
20b K-9 loose 74 Suspicious person
(Signal) 21 Hold radio traffic 74a Suspicious vehicle
22 Domestic issue 75 In the area
22a Domestic weapon involved 76 Theft
24 Drugs 76c Grand theft auto
78 Vandalism

Law Enforcement Unit Numbers

  • 51xx County Sheriff

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Marion County is served by OSP Post 51 located at 2284 Marion-Upper Sandusky Road in Marion. All communications use the Ohio MARCS statewide system.