Marshall County (IL)

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Marshall County Government

Marshall County Sheriff's Office handles dispatch for all departments in the county including police, fire, and EMS. Also, they patrol Varna, Hopewell Estates, LaRose, Camp Grove, Lawn Ridge and Sparland, as they do not have their own departments.


  • Paged on 154.325: FIRE: Lacon-Sparland, Varna, Toluca, Henry and Chillicothe, EMS: Lacon-Sparland Varna and Toluca
  • Varna Fire and Ambulance 67.0 PL, Lacon/Sparland 179.9 PL, Toluca uses 146.2 PL for local towers. Countywide repeater is on 100.0 PL

Note: Is is recommended to monitor 154.325 in CSQ (no tone) mode to get all traffic.

  • All Marshall County EMS (ambulances) switch to the 154.800 100.0 PL once the ambulance leaves the garage.

County Highway

  • All townships use County Repeater (Bell Plaine, Bennington, Evans, Henry, Hopewell, Lacon, LaPrairie, Richland, Roberts, Saratoga, Steuben, Whitefield); Lacon Public Works also uses this repeater.

Municipalities and Districts


  • 155.62500 WQGN811 BM Police FMN [Expired 3/17]


Lacon-Sparland Fire Department/Emergency Ambulance

  • Serves Hopewell, Lacon, Sparland
  • 155.20500 WNFP408 BM LaconSparlnd EMS: Old Dispatch [Expired 2011] (Have not heard anything on this frequency for many years. This was also the frequency for Henry EMS. Was abandoned many years ago and switched to 154.325 for both entities. 01/26/2021)


Licensed, but not in use?

  • 460.40000 465.40000 WNXN918 RM Toluca T/Int Telephone Interconnect (no longer used by Police)

Toluca Fire Protection and Ambulance District


Varna Fire Department Ambulance Service


  • Located near LaSalle County

Wenona Fire Protection District and Ambulance Service



Flanagan Unit School District 4

  • 460.85 466.85 WNFQ485 RM Flanagan School Operations [Terminated 6/04]

Henry Senachwine Consolidated USD 5

  • WRAE704 - 453.6875 Repeater (DMR) at H-S High School

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Varna ambulance (1-T-15) is strictly a volunteer service. EMC EMS will cover that area in the event that Varna does not have personnel available.

ALL ambulance crews will respond "mutual aid" to another area if said area is out of service or on another call.

Henry Ambulance (1-T-13 & 1-T-16) responds to areas of Putnam County west of the Illinois River. Also, they will respond to the other Putnam County territories if the Putnam County units are on another call or out of service. Conversely, the same is true for Putnam County. They also will respond to Henry.

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Sheriff / Municipal Units

Sheriff's Department (ML-x units)

  • Sheriff 1-9
  • Henry 10-14
  • Lacon 15-19
  • Toluca 21, 22
  • Wenona 23, 24, 25.

Ambulance Units

  • 1-T-11 EMC (Eastern Marshall County) EMS serving Wenona, Toluca, and Rutland
  • 1-T-12 EMC (Eastern Marshall County) EMS serving Wenona, Toluca, and Rutland
  • 1-T-13 Henry Ambulance
  • 1-T-14 Lacon/Sparland Ambulance
  • 1-T-15 Varna Ambulance
  • 1-T-16 Henry Ambulance
  • 1-T-17 EMC (Eastern Marshall County) EMS serving Wenona, Toluca, and Rutland


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