Massac County (IL)

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Massac County

  • Metropolis - Home of Superman!

Massac County E911

  • Enhanced 911 #90-0254 Oper: 3/91 Metropolis, Brookport, Joppa Popp: 15000 Sq.Mi. 243

Units (2020)

  • Brookport Fire: 8##'s for personnel. Apparatus are Squad-804, Engine-807, Engine-809, Engine-803
  • Joppa Fire: 1458 (OLD: JF-## Apparatus are Engine-2, Rescue-2, Engine-4)
  • EMA: ES-##
  • Massac Fire: F-##
  • Metropolis Fire: PAC-## Apparatus are Engine-1, Offroad-1, Car-1, Car-2, Rescue-3, Engine-4, Ladder-1
  • Massac EMS: Medic-## 5(Zebra) Call signs

Massac County Fire Protection District

  • 453.7625 FXO (NFM) at Unity School Road WPBE241
  • 452.1500 FXO (NFM) at Mermet Tower WPBE241

Massac County Sheriff

  • 155.190 - has the capability to use and uses voice inversion for both dispatch and mobiles
  • Dispatched by Metropolis Police, also used by Brookport and Joppa Police

Aug 2023 New License

  • New Application 0010643480 Modification to current WRYG410
  • These frequencies are already in use
  • SUPERMAN SQUARE Metropolis - Repeaters on 154.34 (100W), 154.7475 (45W) with 20 pagers; 70-45W mobiles on 158.8575, 151.1525 for input [Courthouse]
  • 2734 NORTH AVE Metropolis - FX input base on 151.1525 (10W) [Massac County Fire Department]
  • 1020 Broadway Metropolis - Repeater on 154.34 (45W) with 70-45W mobiles on 151.1525, 159.315 [Metropolis Police Department]
  • 5100 BLOCK OF OLD MARION - Repeater on 155.865 (25W), FX0 Remote Link on 460.625 (20W) [Tower near Round Knob??]
  • 8900 UNITY SCHOOL RD, Massac - FX0 Remote link on 453.7625 (20W)
  • 1/2 MILE W OF US 45 Balknap - FX0 Remote Link on 453.15 (20W)
  • 70-45W mobiles on 159.4425, 155.4225, FX1 40W input base on 151.1525

Massac Memorial Hospital (Metropolis) Facebook

  • a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital; opened spring of 1956

Municipalities and Districts

Brookport (City)

Brookport Fire (FPD??)

Brookport is all volunteer department with Fire and Emergency Medical Responder services. Chief is Joseph Wooten

  • Brookport Bridge over the Ohio River to Kentucky (US 45)

Fort Massac Water District (Metropolis)


Joppa Fire Facebook

Massac County Fire Protection District (Fire/Rescue)

Metropolis (City)

  • ​Animal Control enforces local laws concerning the care and treatment of animals. He responds to calls from citizens about stray animals, suspected animal cruelty or deceased animals. Sometimes he may have to capture or rescue animals, but other times he may administer warnings or citations to citizens suspected of animal cruelty and mistreatment.

Metropolis Public Safety

Metropolis Police Facebook

Metropolis Fire Facebook

  • Has (some?) Full-time firefighters

Metropolis Electric Department


Massac County Schools 1

  • Massac Junior High School - 55-100wt mobiles on 464.625, 461,.75, 463.7, 463.55, 452.5 (NFM) WQUW459
  • Durham School Buses - 451.4875R WQYA354
  • 453.4875 Base/Mobile (DMR)for Safety/Maintenance at 2481 Old Marion Rd Metropolis (New 8/21) WRNT712


Metropolis Municipal Airport [M30]