Massachusetts State Police/SOPS

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SOPS cross reference

Here is a reference to the old SOPS channels cross reference to the new MSP

Analog TG Hex TG Analog Current Name Former Name
33360 825 A SOPS-1 old SOPS-1A
33488 82d A SOPS-2 old SOPS-1H
33680 839 A SOPS-3 old SOPS-1B
33712 83b A SOPS-4 old SOPS-2B
33872 845 A SOPS-5 old SOPS-1C
33904 847 A SOPS-6 old SOPS-2C
34096 853 A SOPS-7 old SOPS-1D
34128 855 A SOPS-8 old SOPS-2D

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