Mecklenburg County (NC) System Configuration

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3600/9600 Radio System Public Safety Users

The Charlotte UASI system utilizes a SmartX zone controller to allow for seamless migration from a 3600 baud mixed mode SmartZone system to a 9600 baud true P25 trunked radio system. The core switch runs a 7.X network and also supports the older 4.1 system integration.

This setup allows for a slow migration for each agency without having to patch or operate on two disparate systems. Excluding any behind-the-scenes alterations of the zone controller, if a radio affiliates on the 4.1 network, then all traffic remains on the analog system. When another radio joins on the same channel but on the 7.X network, the same traffic is broadcast over both systems. When the first radio deaffiliates from the 4.1 system, only traffic is broadcast across the 7.X system. This is particularly useful for small town departments that are slowly migrating over based on programming and radio capabilities. CMPD now dispatches for Huntersville PD, so CMPD officers operate on the NORTH talkgroup in digital while HPD operates on the analog side; SmartX is transparent to users and allows both systems to support the single channel.

There are several different customization abilities provided on the back-end of the SmartX controller. Some talkgroups can be forced on each network, or disallowed also.

For instance, all CMPD TAC channels are strapped to secure on the new digital system. If an older radio affiliates to a TAC channel on the 4.1 system, it will not hear any traffic. This is because the digital encryption will not carry across to the analog system. Talkgroups can also be locked down to prevent older and possibly unauthorized radios from creating too much traffic. Some common mutual aid talkgroups are forced to ensure traffic is present on both systems all the time. This is the case for some CMPD incidents where some special operations units needed to scan across other divisions without scanning both systems.

9600 Project 25

  • Charlotte Fire
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police (Central & North divisions are forced to analog)
  • Mecklenburg EMS
  • Mecklenburg Vol. Fire
  • UNC Charlotte Police

3600 Type II

  • Mecklenburg Sheriff
  • Matthews Police
  • Mint Hill Police
  • Cornelius Police
  • Huntersville Police (Can be heard on CMPD North through SmartX link)
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Works
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities
  • Jonson C. Smith University Police
  • Davidson College Police