Metrolinx - GO Transit UIDs

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GO Transit Rail Operations UIDs

This is a list of UIDs gathered up to Dec. 14, 2009.

i200 to i260 are the UIDs for the cab cars, numbered 200 through 260 (i200 = cab car 200; i201 = cab car 201; etc...)

i536 to i564 are the UIDs for the older F59PH locomotives, numbered 536 through 564 (i536 = F59PH loco 536; i537 = F59PH loco 537; etc...)

i600 to i629 are the UIDs for the new MP40 locomotives, numbered 600 through 626 (i600 = MP40 loco 600; i601 = MP40 loco 601; etc...)

The following UIDs are all "Commuter Central": i702031, i702032, i702033, i702034, i702042, i702043, i702044, i702062


i7035 = Willowbrook Maintenance

i7037 = Willowbrook Maintenance

i7043 = Willowbrook Maintenance

i7046 = Willowbrook Maintenance

i57002 = Willowbrook Shop

i59000 = Willowbrook Tower

i59001 = Willowbrook Tower

i59002 = Willowbrook Tower

GO Transit Bus Operations

ID's i22xx through i2499 are standard Go coach buses. ID's i8100 through 8399 are the double decker buses. Of note, the unit ID's correspond with the bus number for example if an ID was displayed as i2201, the bus number would be the same. Etc...