Metropolitan Police Department, Washington (DC)

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Ten Codes

  • 10-1 unable to copy radio transmission
  • 10-4 two officer unit
  • 10-4+ three or more officer unit
  • 10-7 out of service
  • 10-8 in service
  • 10-22 disregard call/assignment
  • 10-27 request for information on license
  • 10-28 request vehicle registration information
  • 10-29 request criminal record check on subject
  • 10-30 subject has current/outstanding warrants
  • 10-30-T subject has suspended license, no license, or other traffic related issue
  • 10-33 emergency - officer needs assistance
  • 10-50 motor vehicle accident
  • 10-50-I motor vehicle accident with injuries
  • 10-89 bomb-threat
  • 10-99 one officer unit

Response Codes

  • Code 1: Emergency lights/sirens activated
  • Code 2: Proceed directly to scene w/lights only, no sirens


  • The Board: Fire Department/EMS
  • The Block: Central Cell Block
  • The General: DC General Hospital
  • No Permit: no drivers license
  • Apparent Natural: person apparently dead of natural causes
  • CCB: Central Cell-Block
  • MO: Mental Observation, subject mentally ill
  • EPRD: Emergency Psychiatric Response Division, MO holding facility
  • POCA: Possession of Open Container of Alcohol
  • APO: Assault on a Police Officer
  • AWIK: Assault With Intent to Kill
  • CPWL: Carrying a Pistol Without a License
  • ADW: Assault with Dangerous/Deadly Weapon
  • FTA: Failed To Appear (in court)
  • UUV: Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle
  • UCSA: Uniform Controlled Substance Act
  • PWID: Possession With Intent to Distribute
  • CDU: Civil Disturbance Unit, riot squad
  • SOD: Special Operations Division
  • JOCC: Joint Operations Command Center
  • SOCC: Synchronized Operations Command Center
  • WALES: Washington Area Law Enforcement System
  • NCIC: National Crime Information Center
  • ERT: Emergency Response Team, SWAT team.
  • CSOSA: Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
  • MDT: Mobile Data Terminal, in-car computers, often not functional
  • CCN: Complaint Control Number, six digit report number
  • GOA: Gone On Arrival
  • SOW: Sent On Way

Unit Identifiers

  • Patrol officers use 4-digit unit IDs. The first number is the district (1-7), the second two digits along with the first digit designate the Police Service Area (PSA) and the last digit is a unique identifier. For example, 2021 is 2nd District, PSA 202, 1st unit.

  • 1-7 unit numbers with three following numbers (the PSA cars) 1011-707X. Any PSA car ending in "9" is a Master Patrol Officer. Any Cruiser number (1010-7070) is a PSA Sergeant. Lieutenants have three digit cruiser numbers corresponding to their PSA (101-707). Captains and Commanders of districts utilize a two digit system. Cruiser 11 is the 1st district Commander. 52 and 53 are 5th district Captains. A watch Commander is Cruiser 100-700. The Nighthawk (Chief of the District at night) is for some reason Cruiser 28.

  • Cruiser 9xxx can be anything from Crime Scene to Communications. 9239 is a Crime Scene cruiser. These cruisers are also Administrative cruisers like the SOMB (Security Officers Management Branch) or Office of Organizational Development.

  • 8600 series and 8800 series cruisers are SOD. This can be anything from K-9 to ERT or EOD. Cruiser 1 is of course the chief. 2, 3 and 4 are various assistant Chiefs and ROC Chiefs.

  • Any Cruiser identified as 1-David-11 through 7-David-99 is a detective cruiser.

  • The various Power Shift, Focus Mission and Street Crime cruisers identify using their title with a number following. Station Radios (District Station Personnel) identify as a multiple of 1000 (Station 1000 through 7000).