Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS) Radio ID Structure

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All radios of the MPSCS possess a 7 or 8 digit radio ID number following a standard format as shown below. XYYZZZZ for 7 digits or 1XYYZZZZ for 8 digits.

X is the Zone Number

YY is the County Number. If the radio is a 911 dispatch console then 00 is displayed.

ZZZZ is the individual radio ID. Odd numbers are mobile radios. Even numbers are portable radios.
This section can also be broken down even further.

0001-2999 - State agencies
3000-8999 - County and local agencies (County Sheriff Departments, Fire Departments, Local Police Departments, EMS, Public Works, etc)
9000-9699 - Federal agencies
9700-9999 - base stations

Some Examples

2001051 is a dispatch console
2630080 is a portable radio used by a state agency in Oakland County
2473151 is a mobile radio used by a county or local agency in Livingston County
1359989 is a base station used by an agency in Iosco County

City of Detroit Radio ID Numbers

The IDs of the radios used by the city of Detroit follow a slightly different format.


YY This can be broken down as follows.
00 - Dispatch Consoles
01 - Detroit Fire Department and other city departments (DPW, Water and Sewer, Transportation etc.)
02 - Detroit Police Department
04 - DPD CID units

ZZZZ Once again odd numbers are mobile radios and even numbers are portable radios

Some Examples

7000715 is a dispatch console
7017005 is a fire or misc city agency mobile radio
7022842 is a police portable radio

Identified/In-Use Radio IDs