Michigan Railroads (MI)

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Information from the State of Michigan on the various rail systems operating in the state!


  • WQLD446 - Bases/Mobiles on 218.4250, 218.7250, 218.7750, 219.2750 (NFM Digital / NXDN Data) at Port Huron (St Clair County)

Canadian Pacific Railway

Possible radio channels for the CP Windsor Subdivision:

  • 161.475 (AAR 091) - Road
  • 161.475/160.425 (AAR 091/021) - RTC (Dispatcher) Call
  • 161.175 (AAR 071) - Maintenance of Way
  • 161.535 (AAR 095) - Train Authority
  • 161.175/160.335 (AAR 071/015) - Utility

Norfolk Southern

11/10/10 - Norfolk Southern Police in Michigan, operate on 160.5600 MHz as listed, but they've switched to NEXEDGE digital format. As more of the new digital radios are installed, look for additional operations to make the transition from analog to NEXEDGE. Likewise, all of the NS Police radios use voice encryption technology for an extra layer of security when operating in digital mode. However, all of the base radios can receive encrypted transmissions from units in the field, but still remain in analog mode for talking back to patrolmen.

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