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Unidentified Talkgroups

TGID Use Notes
112 unidentified
113 unidentified
118 unidentified
125 unidentified This may be "Keg Line"
126 unidentified

Radios have three Zones for plant-wide coverage:
Zone A - Four channels (Security / Safety)
Zone B - Sixteen channels (Bottling lines)
Zone C - Sixteen channels (Canning lines)

In Zones B & C; the last eight channels are duplicated, or common, to both Zones (ie. Ch. #9 in Zone B is the same as in Zone C)...

So, that means there are twenty-eight unique TG's across this system. We currently have the four Security & Safety TG's (Zone A) figured out...

There are NO dedicated "Shipping" or "Receiving" TG's...

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