Milwaukee World Festivals (Summerfest) Talkgroups

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Monitored 6/11/16:

0-01-001 Security-Dispatch: Used during non festival season (September-May)
0-01-002 Security-Grounds: Used for grounds patrol and grounds stages during festival season
0-01-003 Security- Amphitheater: Used for all amphitheater shows  
0-01-004 Amphitheater Box Office
0-01-006 (Heard several times but not sure what used for)
0-01-008 Security-Gates: Used for all security stationed at the gates to the grounds
0-01-016 Security-Traffic Control: Used for all officers assigned to traffic duty
0-01-024 (Public Relations Ch.) 
0-01-027 (Beverage Ch.) (discussions about bartenders)
0-01-029 (Production Ch.)
0-01-031 (Band/Equipment Haulers Ch.)
0-01-033 (Beverage ch.2 or tac ch.) (heard talks about beverage and bartenders)
0-01-036 (Ground Cleaning Crews)
0-01-048 (Medical Ch./Bell Ambulance Ch.)
0-01-056 (Heard several times not sure what used for)
0-01-072 (Heard several times not sure what used for)
0-01-084 (Heard several times not sure what used for)
0-01-108 (Admissions/Gate Ch.)
0-01-168 (Maintenance Ch.)
0-01-192 (Electric Ch.) (heard Staff Electric using this ch. a lot)