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The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission is a six-member bipartisan board that governs the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Possibly may be using Wireless USA trunked system in Jefferson City. License WQEQ505

  • The applicant will use the radios for the operation of a small fleet of vehicles which transport personnel among the various State buildings in the Missouri capital of Jefferson City

5/4/11 - The Missouri Department of Transportation Wednesday presented a draconian four-year restructuring plan that calls for the termination of 1,200 jobs and the closing of 134 garages and other facilities across the state. The restructuring, scheduled to roll out between now and 2015, would reduce the number of statewide district offices from 10 to seven. Transportation district boundaries, which agency officials say have been existence 1922, are also scheduled to be redrawn.

More Here MoDOT announces massive restructuring, end of 1,200 jobs

MODOT Districts


  • 156.0600 reported as Traffic/Parking portable radios
  • 156.0150 Statewide Input Bases (80 - FX1s)
  • 156.0450 Statewide Input Bases (80 - FX1s)
  • 156.1350 Statewide Input Bases (80 - FX1s)
  • KB92345 158.8650 Mobiles (NFM) at Andrew, Buchanan, Platte, Clay, Jackson, Cass Counties
  • KB92345 158.8950 Mobiles (NFM) at Jasper, Newton, McDonald, Clark, Lewis, Marion, Ralls, Pike, Lincoln, St Charles, St Louis, Jefferson, St Genevieve, Perry, Cape G, Scott, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot

Traffic and Highway Safety Division

  • WQPI268 WQPI635 - 151.1225 Repeater with 159.4050 input (11K Multiple Locations, 3500 mobiles)
  • Macks Creek (Camden), Warrenton (Warren), Flat (Phelps), Hughesville (Pettis), Freeburg (Maries), Fayette (Howard), Lebanon (Laclede), Leasburg (Crawford)

Northwest - District 1

  • Website
  • Headquartered in St. Joseph and encompassing 12 counties, the Northwest District covers a land area of about 6,049 square miles and has a total population of about 193,000. The district has a total of 3,141 center line miles of state highway to maintain.
  • Counties: Atchison, Holt, Nodaway, Andrew, Buchanan, Worth, Gentry, Dekalb, Clinton, Harrison, Daviess, Caldwell.
  • KFN580 151.1300 R at St Joseph (Buchanan)
  • KGY338 151.1300 R at Quitman (Nodaway)
  • KRZ38 156.1350 FX1 at St Joseph (Buchanan)

North Central - District 2

  • Website
  • Headquartered in Macon and encompassing 14 counties, the North Central District covers a land area of about 8,040 square miles and has a total population of about 176,000. The district has a total of 3,758 center line miles of state highway to maintain.
  • Counties: Adair, Carroll, Chariton, Grundy, Howard, Linn, Livingston, Macon, Mercer, Putnam, Randolph, Saline, Schuyler, Sullivan
  • KLP805 151.0400 R Avalon-Livingston
  • KLP807 151.0400 R Queen City-Schuyler
  • KLP906 151.0400 R Harris-Sullivan
  • WNKK785 151.0400 R Fayette (Howard) (11K)
  • WBE341 156.0150 FX1 at Macon (Macon) (11K)

Northeast - District 3

  • Website
  • Headquartered in Hannibal. Sq. Miles: 7,017, Miles to Maintain: approx. 3,400
  • Counties: Audrain, Clark, Knox, Lewis, Lincoln, Marion, Monroe, Montgomery, Pike, Ralls, Scotland, Shelby, Warren
  • KLB820 151.0700 R (11K) 7/12 Move from Monroe City-Ralls to Hannibal-Marion
  • KLP804 151.0700 R (Fairmont-Clark)
  • KLA415 156.0450, 156.1350 input FX1 at Hannibal (Marion)
  • KTQ252 151.0700 R at Mexico (Audrain) (11K)
  • WDC28 156.0150 FX1 at Monroe Springs (Ralls)

Kansas City Area - District 4

  • Website
  • Headquartered in Lee's Summit and encompassing eight counties, the Kansas City Area District covers a land area of about 4,900 square miles and has a total population of about 1,023,000. The district maintains 3,600 total state highway center line miles.
  • Counties: Platte, C**** Clay, Henry, Jackson, Johnson, Lafayette, Ray
  • KFN616 151.0700 R at Urich (Henry)
  • KFO781 151.0700 R 151.1300 R at Polo (Ray)
  • KRZ37 156.0450, 156.1350 FX1 at KC (Jackson)
  • WJD31 156.1050 FX1 at KC (Jackson) (11K)
  • WNDT954 151.070 R at Platte City (Platte) (11K)

Central - District 5

  • Website
  • Headquartered in Jefferson City and encompassing 13 counties, the Central District covers a land area of about 7,802 square miles and has a total population of about 453,000. The district has a total of 3,625 center line miles of state highway to maintain.
  • Counties: Benton, Boone, Callaway, Camden, Cole, Cooper, Gasconade, Maries, Miller, Moniteau, Morgan, Osage, Pettis
  • KFN617 151.1300 R 151.0700 R 151.0400 R at Hughesville (Pettis)
  • KFN615 151.0400 R 151.0700 R 151.1300 R at Macks Creek (Camden)
  • KFN582 151.1300 R at Ashland (Boone)
  • KFM318 151.1300 R at Freeburg (Maries)
  • KRZ39 156.0450, 156.1350 FX1 at Ashland (Boone)
  • WJT72 156.0150 FX1 at Ashland (Boone) (11K)
  • WPBR401 458.2500 Mobiles (Callaway County)

Howard county/Boone County also has a special channel just for them the frequency is like 151.2255 or something like that.

St. Louis Area - District 6

  • Website
  • Headquartered in Chesterfield. Population of about 1,855,000. Land area of 2,702 square miles. Approximately 1,533 centerline miles of state highways.
  • Counties: Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Louis City, St. Louis County (Heard 151.04 full scale in IL - Lemay, Desoto units, Metro-6, 6513?, 6910, KC6348 on mobiles)
  • KSX454 156.0450, 156.1350 FX1 at House Springs (Jefferson) (11K)
  • WAN390 156.0150 FX1 at House Springs (Jefferson) (11K)
  • WQBF264 Canceled License for 158.9925 repeater with 153.9725 input (at Chesterfield)

Southwest - District 7

  • Website
  • Headquartered in Joplin. Population: 283,000. Sq. Miles: 7,139. Miles of Highway to Maintain: approx. 3,376. Counties: 11
  • Counties: Bates, Barry, Barton, Cedar, Dade, Jasper, Lawrence, McDonald, Newton, St. Clair, Vernon
  • KVX22 156.0450, 156.1350 FX1 at Jerico Springs (Cedar) (11K)
  • WGT317 156.0450 FX1 at Jerico Springs (Cedar) (11K)

Springfield Area - District 8

  • Website
  • Headquartered in Springfield. Population: 518,000. Square Miles: 7,448. Miles of Highway: 3,670.
  • Counties: Christian, Dallas, Douglas, Greene, Hickory, Laclede, Ozark, Polk, Stone, Taney, Webster, Wright
  • KJI566 151.0400 R at Branson (Taney)
  • KVX21 156.0450, 156.1350 FX1 at Strafford (Greene) (11K)
  • WBC342 156.0150 FX1 at Strafford (Greene) (11K)

South Central - District 9

  • Website
  • Headquartered in Willow Springs and encompassing 13 counties, the South Central Area covers a land area of about 9,889 square miles and has a total population of about 235,000. The district has a total of 3,744 center line miles of state highway to maintain.
  • Counties: Carter, Crawford, Dent, Howell, Iron, Oregon, Phelps, Pulaski, Reynolds, Ripley, Shannon, Texas, Washington
  • KFK599 151.0400 R 151.0700 R at Leasburg (Crawford)
  • KFN583 151.0400 R 151.0700 R 151.1300 R at Arcadia (Iron)
  • WDC27 156.0150 FX1 at Willow Springs (Howell) (11K)

Southeast - District 10

  • Website
  • Headquartered in Sikeston and encompassing 14 counties. Land area of about 7,954 square miles. Total population of about 374,000. Approximately 3,885 centerline miles of state highways.
  • Counties: Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Scott,St Francois, Ste Genevieve, Stoddard, Wayne
  • KJI572 151.1300 R 151.0700 R at Poplar Bluff (Butler)
  • KJI571 151.1300 R at Wardell (Pemiscot)
  • KEG752 151.1300 R at Perryville (Perry)
  • KVX20 156.0450 FX1 156.1350 FX1 at Belle City (Stoddard) (was Sikeston) (11K)
  • WBC341 156.0150 FX1 at Belle City (Stoddard) (11K)


  • KLP803 Eolia-Pope 11K 151.0700 Repeater
  • KFN579 KC-Jackson 11K 151.1000, 151.0400, 151.0700 Repeaters; 151.1000 Mobiles

Unit Callsigns

  • Wells Springs 1,7 (Heard in St. Louis area on 151.0400 R)

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