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Talk Groups

x-xx-001 - System-wide Fleetsync 1200 GPS Data 
x-xx-004 - Electric Utility - possibly National Grid service activation technicians
           Rochester & Governeur area
x-01-005 - Hydro Control (oswego river power generation)
 	    CS 352=Beaver River Operations (Beaver Falls, NY)
x-01-006 - (Fulton)
x-01-007 - Gas Service (Gouverneur)
x-05-007 - Security - Brookfield Power Hydro Electric (TG x-01-005)(Tully)
0-01-011 - (Adams)
x-01-012 - Time Warner (Oswego)
x-xx-015 - Barnes & Cone Masonry, Syracuse, NY
x-xx-019 - MobileTech Network Technicians
x-xx-022 - Canisteo/Greenwood Central School Buses
0-xx-023 - Central Valley CSD School Buses
x-xx-024 - South Lewis CSD School Buses
x-xx-025 - Casella Waste Systems
Note: x-xx-03x series talkgroups seem to be unique at each site, with the exception
               of x-xx-031 which is the LA&L railroad track warrant patch.
x-xx-030 - Fuel Delivery (B-ville/Fulton/Manlius/Oneida/Rome/Tully)
           Note: may be Griffith Energy.  A driver talked about filling a yellow
           'Superior' 420# tank.  Griffith Energy is a Superior Plus company.  But,
           none of the TGID 1-01-030 radios are squawking Fleetsync ANI, so, I'm 
           not certain yet.
           (Delivers fuel from Oneida to Oriskany Falls)
0-05-031 - Hannibal Schools (Hannibal)
x-xx-031  WNYP Olean Dispatcher (entire LAL and  B&H lines)
x-xx-032  link - LAL Lakeville Yard operations (Avon, Rochester, South Bristol)
x-xx-032 - Fuel Delivery (Possibly Griffith Energy) - Boonville, Canton, Fulton, Governeur, Tully
x-01-033 - (B-ville/Fulton)
x-xx-034  link - B&H Corning Base
x-xx-035  link - LAL Lakeville Base (AAR48)
x-xx-036  link - LAL Rochester Base (AAR48)
x-xx-037  link - B&H Bath Base
x-01-038 - Fuel Delivery (B-ville, Tully)
x-xx-039  link - B&H Cohocton Base
0-05-040 - Unid on Savona July 2014
x-xx-041 - Sandy Creek Central School District Buses
x-xx-043 - Oneida Taxi (Geddes, Oneida, Tully)
x-xx-045 - APW Altmar/Parish/Williamstown School District Buses
1-01-050 - (Seneca)
x-xx-051 - Corning/Painted Post Central School District Buses 
x-xx-053 - South Seneca Central School District Buses
x-xx-055 - Adirondack Central School District Buses
x-01-057 - Fuel Delivery - Lodi, NY (Seneca area) (Geddes, Manlius, Penn Yan)
0-01-058 - Unid on Savona LCN 1
x-01-060 - (Fulton)
x-xx-061 - Bath Central School District Buses (Penn Yan)
0-05-062 - Bath Central School District Schools (Savona)
x-xx-064 - E&V Energy - Fuel Delivery
x-xx-065 - Fulton Taxi (B-ville, Fulton, Pulaski)
x-xx-066 - Hannibal Central School District Buses
x-05-085 - (B-ville)
x-09-088 - Transportation (Adams & Rutland)
x-01-090 - Hannibal Town (Fulton/Hannibal)
0-07-091 - Addison Central School District Buses
x-03-093 - Taxis in Syracuse (Geddes)
x-xx-097 - Medina Central School District Buses
x-07-102 - Fuel Delivery, Geneva, Hopewell, Lyons, Shortsville, Williamston (Hopewell)
x-07-103 - Fuel Delivery, Sodus NY area (Hopewell)
x-01-104 - (Fulton)
x-05-104 - (Tully)
x-09-107 - (Tully)