Moncton Commercial Unknown Talkgroups

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Unidentified TGs

Here is the description of the traffic or the exact traffic heard on these TGs. Hope it helps id the TGs.

  • 944 - possible paving/landscape
  • 976 - hauling something back to Home Hardware, bring a foreclift somewhere, car been park there for 1 week, heard @ 2105hrs Friday night = possibly towing
  • 1808 - deliver the pumper at the garage in front of the second hoist... maybe towing;
  • 1952 - talking about garbages, active during the week-end
  • 2096 - returning to the shop
  • 8400 - mentioned returning to the shop with a propane tank
  • 8912 - no one around a machine, so it’ll be check Tuesday

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