Monroe County (IN)

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Dispatch And Radio Information

The Sheriff's Department, Bloomington PD, Ellettsville PD, Stinesville PD, IU Health EMS, and all of the county's fire agencies are dispatched by one centralized dispatch center (Central Dispatch).

The IU Police Department handles its own 911 calls and dispatches them accordingly. They must call Central Dispatch for fire and EMS.

All of the police departments in the county are on the Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T (P25) TRS. The Sheriff's Department and Ellettsville PD share a talkgroup. IU EMS still using VHF for paging, but are simultaneously disptached on VHF and the fire dispatch TG on SAFE-T. Fire units have finally migrated most of their communications to SAFE-T but occasionally still use their VHF channels.

There are three SAFE-T sites in Monroe County:

018 (12) Bloomington851.250000 851.962500 852.400000 853.450000a 857.487500 858.487500c

017 (11) Hindustan851.175000 852.175000 852.675000 853.312500 853.587500a 854.462500c

063 (3F) Knight's Ridge851.437500 851.937500 852.912500 853.837500c 855.737500 859.962500a

154.995 Monroe County Fire Dispatch (CTCSS 131.8)

Law Enforcement Unit Numbering

  • Monroe County Sheriff's Department

For whatever reason (supposedly to "save time" but it's really a non-issue) many of Indiana's sheriff's departments, including Monroe County, have decided to strip the county prefix (53 for Monroe County) from their unit numbers. All units will use a one- or two-digit number, so instead of 53-42, it's just "42". Dispatch identifies as "county."

  • Bloomington Police Department

They never reuse a unit number so unit numbers range from 12xx to 15xx. BPD refers to their unit numbers as PIDs (Police ID) which apparently is their employee number (much like ISP troopers have PE (Public Employee) numbers, which stay the same throughout a trooper's career. Dispatch identifies as "Bloomington".

  • Ellettsville Police Department

Supposedly, EV1 through EV10 are paid officers. Units EV20 and above are reserve units.

  • IU Police Department

Full-time officers have unit numbers below 100. Part-time officers and cadets have unit numbers in either the 500s or 600s. Dispatch identifies as "IU." IU Bloomington also dispatches for other IU campuses around the state on the IU statewide TG.

  • Indiana State Police

The Bloomington ISP district consists of Monroe, Morgan, Brown, Green, Owen, and Lawrence Counties and is referred to as District 33. Dispatch identifies as "Bloomington." The Bloomington post is also home to Region 3 dispatch. Region 3 consists of Districts 33 (Bloomington), 34 (Jasper) and 35 (Evansville). Each district still refers to their respective dispatch as Bloomington, Jasper, or Evansville, even though the dispatchers are all located in Bloomington. Occasionally an all-district dispatch will hear the dispatcher ID as "Region 3." Sometimes you will hear the same dispatcher handling more than one district. ISP uses SAFE-T exclusively, and each district has its own Mutual Aid TG to replace the old VHF point-to-point (155.37). District 33 uses J-MA-1 through 4; District 34 uses N-MA-1 through 4; and District 35 uses M-MA-1 through 4. MA-1 in each district is supposed to be reserved for "hot" dispatches (wanted for, investigate for, ATLs - same as the old point-to-point 155.37 was used for) although some agencies tie it up for on-scene mutual aid.

  • Indiana Conservation Officers

ICO central dispatch is located at 4850 South SR 446 (corner of SR446 and Paynetown Road) south of Bloomington and dispatches for all ICOs in the state using the Indiana SAFE-T system. ICOs assigned to Monroe County are 600 units. "LE" units (LE-1, etc.) are USFS LEOs. "50-38" (five zero three eight) is the LEO for the Big Oaks NWR at Muscatatuck which goes through DNR and ISP Versailles for dispatch.

EMS Unit Numbering (IU Health is the only EMS provider in Monroe County)

  • Medic 202 - based behind Bloomington Hospital at 1st and Rogers
  • Medic 204 - based at Ellettville Fire Station 7
  • Medic 206 - based on campus at 7th and Bryant
  • Medic 208 - Day unit
  • Medic 210 - based at 1st and Rogers, used mainly for routine transfers and jumping runs for other units
  • Medic 212 -
  • Medic 218 - based at Ellettsville Fire Station 7
  • Medic 220 - unit brought in service if high demand
  • Squad 301 - Paramedic Supervisor/fly car, based at Bloomington Hospital
  • Squad 303 - Paramedic fly car

Signals and Codes

Most of the standard Indiana ten codes and signals are used with a few minor additions and changes:

  • Code 6 means that the unit is at their respective stations
  • Signal 43 is rarely used
  • Signal 34 is used and not its ten code counterpart (10-96)
  • J4 is generally used to refer to a warrant (Signal 40 is rarely, if ever, used)
  • Although not a code, you will often hear the word "on-call" which is a request for the wrecker on the rotation to be contacted and dispatched to the scene
  • IUPD uses plain English
  • Fire and EMS generally (but not always) use plain English

Fire Tone Outs

On the Monroe County Central Dispatch fire dispatch channel (154.995 MHz), the paging format is Motorola Quick-Call II. 154.995 (KLS678) is licensed to the Town of Ellettsville.

  • Bloomington (City) FD/stations 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5: A-1153.4 Hz B-1185.2 Hz (note that as of mid November 2011, stations appear to have started being toned out with separate tones, with station 1 using the original tone for all station).
  • Bloomington Township FD/stations 5 and 15: A-2460.0 Hz B-1129.0 Hz
  • Bean Blossom Township-Stinesville FD/station 6: A-2468.2 Hz B-953.7 Hz
  • Ellettsville FD/stations 7 and 8: A-669.9 Hz B-1217.8 Hz
  • Van Buren Township FD/stations 9 and 19: A-349.0 Hz B-389.0 Hz
  • Indian Creek Township FD/station 10: A-1251.4 Hz B-799.0 Hz
  • Perry-Clear Creek Township FD/stations 11 and 21: A-2840.0 Hz B-1185.2 Hz
  • Benton Township FD/station 14: A-2460.0 Hz B-1598.4 Hz


  • Bloomington Twp. FD changed its name to Northern Monroe Fire Protection District
  • Perry-Clear Creek and Indian Creek merged to become Monroe Fire Protection District
  • Effective 1/1/2021, Northern Monroe and Van Buren merged with Monroe Fire Protection District.
  • Van Buren Station 9 is now Monroe Station 29
  • Van Buren Station 19 is now Monroe Station 39
  • Northern Monroe Station 15 is now Monroe Station 25
  • Benton Twp. will merge with Monroe in 2022 and will become Monroe Station 41
  • Bloomington, Bean Blossom, and Ellettsville FD - no change

On the Bloomington Hospital Ambulance Service dispatch frequency (155.325 MHz), the paging format is Motorola Quick-Call II.

  • Medic 202: A-1285.8 Hz B-617.4 Hz
  • Medic 204: A-707.3 Hz B-1006.9 Hz
  • Medic 206: A-615.8 Hz B-2401.0 Hz
  • Medic 208: A-832.5 Hz B-378.6 Hz
  • Medic 218 and Medic 220: A-669.9 Hz B-1217.8 Hz
  • Squad 301: A-584.8 Hz B-553.9 Hz