Monroe County (MI) Fire/EMS

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Fire Tone Outs

All Call - 1433.4
Ash Twp. - 553.9 / 903.2
Bedford Twp Sta. 1 - 767.4 / 553.9
Bedford Twp Sta. 2 - 349.0 / 524.6
Bedford Twp Sta. 3 - 767.4 / 584.9
Berlin Twp Sta. 1(newport) - 2932.0 / 765
Berlin Twp Sta. 2(s.rockwood) - 389.0 / 410.8
Dundee Twp. - 368.5 / 3357.8
Erie Twp. - 669.9 / 1733.7
Estral Beach - 1743.0 / 1082.0
Exeter Twp - 767.4 / 688.3
Frenchtown Twp Sta. 1 - 410.8 / 457.9
Frenchtown Twp Sta. 2 - 410.8 / 483.5
Ida Township - 726.8 / 767.4
Lasalle Twp. - 330.5 / 510.5
LMR Twp. - 2932.0 / 1743.0
Luna Pier - 584.9 / 903.2
Milan Area - 1743 / 2260
Monroe City - 553.9 / 617.4
Monroe Twp. - 389.0 / 470.5
Morin Point - 810.2 / 1733.7
Ottawa Lake - 688.3 / 617.4
Summerfield Twp.
Whiteford Twp - 617.4 / 903.2

Medical calls are dispatched with priority codes –

Priority 1 - means First Responders Fire/Rescue and Ambulance service responds with
lights and siren.

Priority 2 - means the ambulance runs posted speed but the responding fire department
responds lights and siren activated and should upgrade or downgrade the situation
upon arrival.

Priority 3 - means the ambulance and the responding fire/rescue is to respond “no
code” which is posted speeds and no lights or siren.

The station numbering system in Monroe County is no longer used. Units are toned out by the name of their municipality. Example: "Bedford Twp. Distrct 1", La Salle Twp.", "Monroe City"; etc. Apparatus is referred to in plain English: "Monroe City Engine 1", "Bedford Twp. Engine 1", La Salle Brush 1".; etc.

Monroe Community Ambulance

Huron Valley Ambulance

A = Alpha (ALS Paramedic Unit)
B = Bravo (BLS EMT-Basic Unit)
C = Charlie (Paramedic Supervisors & Upper Management such as Vice President)
E = Echo  (Paramedic first response unit, staffed with 1 senior paramedic)

ALS = Advanced Life Support
BLS = Basic Life Support

Priority Codes

Priority 1 = Lights and Sirens Response
Priority 3 = Non-emergent immediate response (911 calls)
Priority 4 = A scheduled transfer normally handled by BLS units
Priority 5 = Any transfer that is called in 1hr before the time of the pick-up

Shift points for central operations are coded A1-A99, these are usually either an intersection, or a specific location 
such as a gas station for fueling. Ambulances are positioned strategically throughout the counties to provide 
coverage. A unit is typically required to be with in 500 meters of the particular point they are stationed. 
Each crew, typically has a particular spot they like to park when sitting at a point, such as in an empty
parking lot or behind buildings.

Huron Valley Ambulance (HVA) Unit Numbering

Washtenaw (Central Operations), Western Wayne, & Oakland (Eastern Operations) Counties:

C100 – Vice President of Central operations

Day Cars - mostly 12 & 10 hour units.  These units range from A101-A113, and any extra cars added, start with A114 
to A119. They are posted as specific shift points and are moved when coverage changes:

A101 is the first car to come on in the morning at 04:30 hours.
A113 the last of the day cars starts at 14:00 hours.

The night cars start with A130 – 133 with extra cars starting at A134 to A139.

A150 is the day Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU).

A151 is the night MICU.

These units sit shift point and pull calls the same as all other Alpha cars however, they do not do P4-5 unless it 
is a MICU call that requires further treatment and equipment than normal ALS cars can handle.

A158 = Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Also referred to as the baby bus:

This unit is a larger type III, medium duty ambulance, used to transport neonates requiring extra equipment. 
In addition, adult (obese) patients requiring larger equipment such as ECMO that will not fit in a normal modular 
ambulance. This unit usually has staff from the hospital on board such as RN’s & MD’s.

A160 to A169 are special event cars these cares are normal ALS units that sit at such events as U of M baseball 
games and other community events.

E170 = Dexter Echo unit.
A176 = Chelsea 24-hour ALS unit stationed on Chelsea Hospital grounds.

B180 to B188 are BLS units usually reserved for non-emergent P4s & P5s (hospital to nursing home, nursing home 
to doc appointment, Ect…) These units typical do not respond to 911 calls unless the ALS unit is more than 10min 
from the call.

B189 = A 24hr BLS unit stationed at the Chrysler Proving Grounds (CPG) in Chelsea. This unit is staffed with 1 
EMT-Basic and responds to calls only on the CPG property, with CPG Emergency Response Team.

C190 – C199 = Paramedic Road Supervisors.

Eastern Operations

The same codes apply, but replace the 1 with a 6 IE 601 with the following exceptions:

A671 = 24hr unit stationed in South Lyon Fire Department.
A673 = 24hr unit stationed in Wixom.
A674 = New 24hr unit stationed in Milford - formerly the back up unit out of South Lyon.

Western Operations (Calhoun and Jackson Counties):

Monroe Community Ambulance (MCA) covers all of Monroe County.
Monroe, uses a different protocol, when compared to Eastern and Central Ops of HVA. There are five 24 hour units 
stationed in the county. However, the other codes apply such as 790 for road supervisors and so forth.

A701 = Ash Township Fire Station
A702 = Village of Dundee
A703 = Monroe Township
A704 = Bedford Township
A705 = Frenchtown Twp.

Livingston Community Ambulance:

Charlie 500 - Daytime Shift Supervisors
Charlie 600 - Night Shift Supervisors
Alpha   101 - Hamburg Unit
Alpha   102 - Genoa Unit
Alpha   103 - Brighton Unit
Alpha  104 - Hartland Unit
Alpha  105 - West side (Grand River and Burkhart)
Alpha  106 - 12 hour day shift unit (Grand River and Chilson)
Alpha  107 - Cover car
Echo Units: 1 person in a non transporting ALS unit. (Ford Excursions)

Lenawee Community Ambulance:

All units are ALS

501 - Tecumseh
504 - Adrian
507 - Cambridge Twp

505 - 10 hrs out of Raisin Twp Fire
595 - 10 hrs out of Raisin Twp Fire with Supervisor

502 - Special Events Car
503 - Special Events Car
506 - Special Events Car
508 - Special Events Car

511 - Michigan International Speedway (MIS) Track car

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