Monroe County (MO)

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Monroe County Government

  • WPPA507 - also 460.05 Mobile Extenders to 154.4 Repeater

Municipalities and Districts


Monroe County Ambulance District

Monroe City

  • Partially located in Ralls County

Monroe City Ambulance District

  • 155.94 is now a repeater with 153.8 input (please verify if in use)

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Monroe County Ambulance District

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones


Monroe Department of Health   36415

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Schools and Colleges

Monroe City R1 School District

  • WQNZ836 451.55 Repeater (NFM) [possibly D506, heard in Quincy 1/29/15]


  • Dye Farms 153.395 Base/Mobile (Paris) WNLJ512
  • Hagan Farm 463.4 Repeater (Monroe City) WNSC998
  • Monroe County Service Company 153.575 Repeater with 158.22 input (Coop Ops)

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