Monterey County (CA)

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Monterey County Radio System

Monterey County has always been at the leading edge of development in public safety communications.. The County consists of over 3500 square miles of terrain, rising from sea level over 4000 feet in altitude. There are many canyons in the two mountain ranges that border the county on the east and west sides. This rugged topography and the vast area within Monterey County presents a challenge to developing effective public safety communication systems. It virtually dictates the use of the VHF High Band spectrum and many radio sites. In the Sheriffs system alone there are five high level sites operating at high power. The systems also use a number of voting receivers at other locations to provide adequate coverage. The systems for other departments and agencies in the County follow the same pattern. In general, these systems started out many years ago with the transmitter in Mobile Relay stations operating on the high side of the band and the receivers on the low side. Obviously, as multiple systems were created and additional radio sites were developed, they had to follow a similar pattern for compatibility, interoperability, and for effective operation. Over the years Monterey County has developed an extremely effective Public Safety Communication System that serves virtually all of the 11 cities and numerous districts within the County. A Consolidated Dispatch Center serves as a single PSAP for the entire County. This was developed in the late 1970’s and was reputed to be the first wide area consolidated 9-1-1 system in the nation.

As of December 2010, Harris Corp. was awarded $15 Million for a p25 trunked VHF network with a conventional analog system overlay, and a 700 MHz sub-system. More information can be found here.

Monterey County Fire and Sheriff analog overlay systems are multi-cast on the same input frequency for several different output frequencies.

  • As of June 27th 2013 Monterey County Fire analog overlay went online
  • As of May 2011 Carmel Valley FPD merged with Monterey County Regional Fire
  • As of December 2008 the Pacific Grove Fire Department merged with Monterey City Fire
  • As of January 1st 2012 City of Soledad is on a contract with CAL FIRE for three years.
  • As of January 1st 2014 Monterey Airport fire Department merged with Monterey City Fire

CMD 35 dispatches

  • City of Seaside FD
  • City of Monterey FD
  • City of Carmel FD
  • City of Pacific Grove FD

CMD 33 dispatches

  • City of Salinas FD

County Fire Overlay dispatches

  • North County FPD
    • Castroville
    • Moss Landing
    • Oak Hills
    • Pajaro
    • Prunedale
    • Elkhorn
    • Las Lomas
    • Royal Oaks
  • Monterey County Regional Fire
    • Toro park area
    • Town of Chualar
    • Highway 68 and Laureles Grade Road area
    • Carmel Valley
  • Spreckels VFD
  • City of Gonzales VFD
  • CTF Soledad FD
  • City of Greenfield FD
  • City of King City FD
  • City of Marina FD

Fire districts on contract with CalFire BEU

  • Pebble Beach District
  • Carmel Highlands District
  • Cypress Fire Protection District
  • South Monterey Fire District
    • Pine Canyon (King City)
    • Arroyo Seco
    • Lockwood
  • San Ardo
  • Aromas Fire District
  • Cachagua Fire District
  • City of Soledad

Unit Designators

  • 31XX - BLM
  • 51XX - Aromas
  • 52XX - North County
  • Single digit- Salinas
  • 54XX - Marina
  • 55XX - Monterey County Regional Fire District
  • xx61 - Presidio of Monterey (POM)
  • 62XX - Seaside
  • Single digits- Monterey, Pacific Grove, Monterey Airport, Carmel City
  • 66XX - Pebble Beach
  • 72XX - Cypress Fire Protection District
  • 73XX - Carmel Highlands
  • 74XX - Midcost Fire
  • 77XX - Cachagua Fire
  • 78XX - Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade
  • 81XX - Gonzales
  • 82XX - Soledad Prison CTF Fire
  • xx37 - Soledad
  • 84XX - Greenfield
  • 85XX - King City
  • xx31/xx32/*xx44- South Monterey Fire District
  • 88XX - Fort Hunter Liggett
  • 89XX - Camp Roberts

Amateur Radio

Monterey County Law Enforcement

  • Carmel Police Department
  • CSUMB Police
  • Del Rey Oaks Police Department
  • Fort Hunter Liggett Police
  • Gonzales Police Department
  • Greenfield Police Department
  • King City Police Department
  • Presidio of Monterey Police
  • Naval Postgraduate School Police
  • Marina Police Department
  • Monterey Police Department
  • Monterey Airport Police
  • Monterey County Sheriff's Department
  • Salinas Police Department
  • Sand City Police Department
  • Seaside Police Department
  • Soledad Police Department